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The SIC Youth Ministry was formed in 2013 when the 2 existing youth ministries (Junior Youth Ministry & Revolution Youth Ministry) in St Ignatius Church decided it was the appropriate time to merge to become 1 youth ministry.

Junior Youth Ministry (JYM)

After organising a successful Parish-wide Youth Rally in Dec 2005, our Parish Priest saw a need to form a ministry specifically for youths between the ages of 13-17 years. The SIC Junior Youth Ministry (JYM) was formed in February 2006. The programmes organised by JYM, has helped to supplement the Sunday School system. The members are also actively involved in lectoring during mass as well as in the Hospitality Ministry. Many of the members are now assistant catechist after they completed Sunday School.

The ministry has gone on to organise many beneficial events for the youth such as Easter and Christmas fellowships, fortnightly youth gatherings, outreach programs, corporal works of mercy, excursions and other relevant formations.

Revolution Youth Ministry (RYM)

Revolution Youth Ministry (RYM) caters to all youths aged 18 to 24 and was one of the three youth ministries in St Ignatius Church. First established in 2006 with about 50 active members, it has grown tremendously thanks to its strong and dedicated committee members as well as its active members. Centered on five main purposes – Worship, Ministry, Proclamation, Discipleship, and Fellowship, RYM strives to grow even more in faith and spirituality in Christ.

Main activities include bi-weekly Cell Groups, where we get the opportunity to share the challenges that we face as Christians and how we can apply God’s message through the Scriptures to our daily lives; Youth@Mamak, to bring about fellowship and also to strengthen the bond between members through a variety of activities; and Youth@Work, where we look into interesting topics about God and life to help youths grow in faith, understanding and living day-to-day as Catholics.

With the merger of both the JYM & RYM, the SIC Youth Ministry now caters to youths from the age of 13 up till 25, with many of the core activities which made up the ministries still being carried out even until now. The 2014 Youth Rally was also the 10th Youth Rally organised by the SIC Youth Ministry.

In 2015, with the appointment of a new coordinator, we are looking to restart the Single Adult Ministry for those aged 25 and above. If you are interested in being part of the ministry, please contact Jaclyn @ 012 – 657 4067.

Coordinator David Lim 012-302 0682
Discerning Team Caren Philip 017-335 2503
Michelle Nyanam 012-912 3297
Roeshan Gomez 011-2365 1947
Shamus Siau 012-941 2020
Single Adult Jaclyn Tan 012-657 4067
Core Team
Isaac Loh
017-877 9213
Rodney Ng
017-287 6615
Andre Augustus
018-390 8396
Odelia Benita
012-904 3780
Jane Ow
012-734 7871
Campus & Young Adult
Andre Augustus
018-390 8396
Andrew Lee
016-231 6190
Odelia Benita
012-904 3780
Christopher Lau
016-239 2182
Aaron Mathew
014-701 7645
Augustine Ow
012-791 7178
Performing Arts
Jonathan Gan
017-867 9298
Michael Baldwin
012-975 4356
Brandon Nunis
017-619 7834
Ivena Hon
012-411 3316
Nicole Tegjeu
012-976 1276
Bernadette Emuang
012-930 8725
Mansel Choong
012-319 9821
Youth Rally Coordinators
Joel Anthony
012-252 5560
Tracey Ooi
012-307 1624

Main Activities

FELLASHIP: 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month, 1:00pm – 3:00pm, at Room 2-1

Monthly OUTREACH to various homes around the Klang Valley.

FORMATION for Youth, and also assisting in Sunday School Special Baptism and 1st Holy Communion Camp.

Sponsoring of Sunday 8.45am mass on every 5th Sunday of the month (if there are any)

SIC Campus & Young Adult Camp – August

SIC Youth Rally – 2nd Weekend of December

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