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Directory of Services

The Directory of Services provides information on the main services provided by the church.

The primary categories of services are as follows:

  • Baptism – Information and guidelines for infant and adult baptism.
  • Weddings – Information and guidelines for having a church wedding, and for convalidating a marriage.
  • Funerals – Information and guidelines for funeral services.
  • Home Blessing – Request for blessing of homes by priest.
  • Hospital Visits – Information and guidelines for hospital visits by priests.
  • Church Facilities: Information and guidelines for reservation and usage of the cafeteria, rooftop assembly hall, conference rooms and funeral parlours.
  • Bulletins / Announcements – Guidelines for submission of announcements for bulletin and Mass.
  • Notice Boards – Guidelines for the usage of church notice boards.
  • Animating of Mass – Guidelines for animating / sponsoring of Mass by church organisations.
  • Extraction of Records – Guidelines for Extraction of Baptism or Wedding certificates.

For more information on each of these services, click on the appropriate submenu title.

Last updated on 13 Sept 2021

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