SS20 Damansara Kim – Holy Infant Jesus

Holy Infant Jesus BEC of SS20 came into being in March 2010 with the blessing of St Ignatius Church. Originally the members were from of the Holy Family BEC which covered the Damansara Utama precinct. HIJ BEC evolved therefrom to create a stable communitarian environment on a basic ecclesiastical platform for Catholic families living close to each other within SS20.

Our BEC has grown from about 20 to about 30 Catholic families now.

The ‘Holy Infant Jesus’ is our beloved patron and inspiration. The very qualities of child-like simplicity, trust, humility and dependency that characterise children, need be contemplated, accepted and eventually adopted in our own lives as we live and struggle in a world of challenges.



SS20 is a small but strategic enclave surrounded by Damansara Utama, TTDI, Sec 17, Damansara Intan, Damansara 3, SS2 & Damansara Jaya.

We invite all BECians of St Ignatius to join us for any of our activities. If you would like to be included in our email and whatsapp communication, please email: or whatsapp 0123309087.


• Reflection Paper & BEC Gatherings – Every final Thursday of the month hosted by members at their homes, now held virtually.

• Coffee Mornings to raise funds for outreach activities, now suspended due to Covid restrictions.

• Rosary Gatherings for May & October normally hosted at homes of members now held virtually.

• Recycling campaign to collect old newspapers – The funds are used for our out-reach projects. Led by Joyce Hor (suspended).

• PIHD Programme for Migrants – Monthly visits to Myanmar refugees (suspended)

• Christmas Caroling and Christmas Party – November & December (suspended)

• Visiting of retirement homes (suspended)

• Dedicated Way of the Cross and Divine Mercy Prayers dedicated for abatement of Covid 19

• Eucharistic Adoration – Online

• Other activities such as donation drive and delivery of cash and goods to deserving causes and children’s homes.

Past Activities

Some activities carried out over the last few years:

– 2017 Donation of RM4,000 to the Good Shepherd Home in Ulu Klang for the care of migrants

– 2018 Donation of rations and other goods for a home (Destiny Home) for young Kids at Klang

– 2019 Assisted Children’s homes with furniture (used)

– 2020 Donated RM3,000 to Children’s home in Ipoh

– Donated Rations for social groups supporting those badly affected by the pandemic

– Donated clothes and rations for the Orang Asli affected by floods through a church group

– Donation to Samaritan Hope Home Jalan Pudu (Sr Fatima)

– Regular service at Samaritan Hope Home Jalan Pudu and cooking & supply of food by 2 members of the BEC (now being catered)

– Hospital visits (suspended)

– Memorial Prayers & Mass for members of the Community who passed away

– Special Celebrations & Functions: 90th Birthday celebration for a member and farewell dinner for a member leaving for the USA.

Planned Donations for the Future

• To contribute to Orang Asli through the service undertaken under the aegis of Fr Eugene of Church of St Theresa in Nilai

• To donate to the planned new Church of St Jude in Rawang

• To support Myskills an NGO which reforms young kids of the B40 group, who have dropped out of school

• To donate to Individual families in desperate circumstances

• To support the Laudato Si campaign of the church

• All interactive activities have been suspended in the face of the Covid Pandemic.



O Divine Child Jesus, only-begotten Son of the Father, You are the true light that enlightens everyone coming into this world. It is through You that I am, it is through You that all things have been made, and without You nothing would be. It is therefore just that I devote myself to You without reserve.
In gratitude for all the love with which You love me, I devote to you all the love my heart is capable of. I ardently desire to love you still more, to offer You a heart less unworthy of You. Accept this ardent desire, O amiable Child-God, and kindly bless it.
You have suffered for us and have borne Your infirmities, in order that we might one day deserve to be associated with Your eternal happiness. I want to unite my sufferings to Yours, so that You may give them merit and they may be sanctified. As You have been weeping for me, because of my sins, help me by Your grace to weep for them myself.
I also devote to You all my joys. I only have the ambition and the will to seek those pleasing to your service, by the practise of the virtues taught in the mysteries of Your Divine Childhood. I beg You to help me by Your grace to acquire the gentleness, the humility, the childlike simplicity, the filial confidence and the perfect obedience, of which you give me such a splendid example.
May I progress in holiness and one day possess the rewards promised in heaven to those who practise the lessons of your Holy Childhood.

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