In the event of death of a parishioner, a family member or a close friend of the deceased should inform the Parish Office at the earliest opportunity.

The family member or close friend must then come to the Parish Office to register the details of the deceased and make the necessary arrangements for the funeral.

It is also recommended that the BEC Coordinator be contacted as soon as possible regarding the bereavement in order for the BEC families to be rallied to render help and pray for the deceased. The BEC will gather at the home of the deceased or the funeral parlour to say the Seven-day Prayers for the soul of the departed.

Prayer books may be borrowed from the Parish Office if the BEC Coordinator does not have a set of such books. Kindly ensure prayer books are returned after use.

The BEC Coordinator or members may assist in preparing the Liturgy of the funeral Mass. Please note that no funeral Masses will be celebrated on Sundays. If the burial is to be carried out on a Sunday, a Prayer Service by the Priest may be performed in the place where the body of the departed is lying in waiting for burial.

A Communion Minister and / or a BEC Coordinator or member may be called upon to conduct the service at the cemetery / crematorium, in the event a priest is not able to preside. The BEC Coordinator or members may also be called upon to prepare prayers to be said at the cemetery / crematorium.

A Catholic priest from another parish may be invited to celebrate the funeral Mass in the Church of St. Ignatius, with the approval and permission of the Parish Priest.

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