Communion Ministry

The Parish Priest paternally imparts his blessing as a pledge of heavenly favour to laity to serve and distribute Holy Communion at Mass and to take Holy Communion to the sick of the Parish and BECs. These laity are known as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMOHCs) and by tradition those who serve at Mass in St Ignatius Church (SIC) are men only. Women EMOHCs serve by taking Holy Communion to the homebound, a duty also performed by the men. Home Communion service at SIC parish is celebrated in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil. Occasionally, EMOHCs assist the Priest to distribute Holy Communion at Home Mass and at retreats.

At SIC, EMOHCs play an active part in parish liturgical celebrations leading the Way of the Cross during Lent and carrying the canopy to shelter the Holy Sacrament for the Corpus Christi procession, being two such occasions. They are also called upon to assist the priests by leading the Rites of Committal of the faithful deceased at graveyards and crematoriums.

EMOHCs at SIC are divided into the English and Mandarin groups, and both groups elect their own Coordinator to represent them at the Liturgy Committees and the Parish Coordinating Councils. They are independent of each other in performing their duties but by tradition, the English group Coordinator will assume responsibility at bilingual parish celebrations.

Rite of Commissioning 2016 (above)

The following have served as Coordinators of this ministry:

English Group
Mandarin Group
Luke Massang
Thomas Chew
S Soosai
Peter Lim
Stephen Vythilingam
Michael Chee
Jude Lee
Michael Chew
Thomas Lee
Stephen Ho
Anthonysamy Soosai

Contact persons:

Alphonso Lourdesamy
016 213 1972
Assistant Coordinator
Sharma Rajadurai
012 238 2221

Last updated on 13 Sep 2021

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