BEC Kampung Kayu Ara St Anthony of Padua

Area of Coverage

Our BEC covers Kayu Ara A, Kayu Ara B and Taman Rumah PKNS, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. We have about 88 families with varying participation in rosary recitations, monthly reflection paper gatherings, home Masses and social events.

Home Communion

BEC members such as the disabled, elderly & sick who are unable to receive Holy Communion in church can contact Bernad 016 233 0606 to make arrangements to receive this Sacrament at their homes.

Activities & Programmes

• Monthly prayer and reflection paper via Zoom

• Rosary

• Conduct appropriate outreach activities such as assisting the Orang Asli

• Donations for the poor

• Christmas tree deco presentation

• Ponggal celebrations

• Donations and offering collections for the needy

• Fellowship with Fr George Harrison from Rome via Zoom

• Way of the Cross in Tamil

• Fellowship day for members with games, songs and dance, and children drawings

• Street feeding for the poor

• Fellowship social trips

• Youth gatherings

• Christmas gatherings

• Home Masses

• Easter gatherings

• Children cooking day for parents.

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