Animating Mass

Parish Organisations may, if they choose, animate or sponsor Mass on Sundays or weekdays. This serves several purposes including:

  • Allowing the animating team to share more deeply in the Eucharistic celebration
  • Allowing the animating team to offer up special gifts / intentions during offertory
  • Increases visibility / awareness of the animating organisation (e.g. St. Vincent de Paul, etc)
  • Sharing in the duties of the Liturgical Committee.

To animate / sponsor a Mass, the parish organisation must:

  1. Secure a Mass date. Parish organisation are recommended to provide, by October of each year, a list of Masses they wish to sponsor for the following year. This list, upon approval, is incorporated in the Church’s Annual Planner.

    Where a parish organisation’s plans might change, six (6) weeks’ notice must be given to the Liturgical Committee. If a requested date / Mass is not available, an alternative date will be suggested by the Liturgical Committee.

    NOTE: There will be no sponsoring of Mass(s) on all Feast Days unless approved by the Parish Priest.

  2. Prepare Animating Team. The parish organisation must identify / appoint their respective lectors, hospitality ministers, traffic wardens, etc.

    The parish organisation must ensure that all members of the animating team are adequately trained for their specific roles at Mass. It is highly recommended that the animating team hold a practice to rehearse their respective functions.

    It is also expected that members of the animating team be properly dressed.

    NOTE: In a sponsored Mass, the Liturgy of the Day must be adhered to unless the Parish Priest grants permission to use an alternate Liturgy.

  3. Select Songs, if desired.

    The parish organisation may, if they choose, select a set of hymns to be sung at that their sponsored Mass. The sponsoring organisation should ensure that the choir is familiar with the selected hymns. Alternatively, members of the parish organisation may sing with the choir during the sponsored Mass.

    NOTE: The selected hymns must reflect the Liturgy of the Day and are approved by the Liturgical Committee.

  4. Determine gifts or special intentions, if any.

    The sponsoring parish organisation may present specific Gifts during the Offertory of a sponsored Mass. The sponsoring organisation must seek prior approval from the Parish Priest for the Gifts.

    If the parish organisation has any special intention, such as a launch of a programme or a second collection in aid of a specific purpose, they may seek the permission of the Parish Priest.

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