Bethany Counselling Centre


2nd Floor, Rooms 2-22 to 2-25 (Costantini Community Centre)

Open Day & Hours

Tuesdays (except Public Holidays); 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm


018 311 7847 (ONLY ON TUESDAYS 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm)


Aims and Objectives

1) Provide pastoral counselling and assistance to the members of the community.

2) Provide a service to families and individuals who are suffering from emotional and mental strain.

3) Walk with those who are troubled & distressed in their journey toward a deeper understanding of their inner conflicts.

4) Help families and individuals work toward wholeness and healing so that they will be able to live “more abundantly”.


Brief History

Bethany Counselling Centre was started through the initiative of Fr Thomas Koo, then Parish Priest of SIC.


19 March

· Discussions on the formation of the centre began.

· Key people involved in the initial meetings were:

­ Fr Thomas Koo

­ Mary Raj

­ Margaret and Frances

­ Mary Yap

­ John Fernandez


28 February

First core team set up, consisting of:

1. Coordinator – Mary Raj

2. Asst Coordinator – Chin Sin Wee

3. Secretary – Petrina De Silva

4. Treasurer – Christina Lesslar

5. Spiritual Director – Sr. Patricia Choong

6. Committee Members – Mary Chuah & John Fernandez


30 May

Pentecost day. Centre blessed. Counsellors commissioned at the English & Mandarin masses.

8 June

Tuesday. Service began.


Outreach Projects

Bethany’s outreach projects for the community and for its Counsellors since its opening are as follows:


19 August

RCIA (Mandarin Speaking) facilitators training program

25 September

Emotional Excellence for Personal Development and Effective Teams (English Youth)

November (16 weeks)

Pan Shi Youth “Social Workers Training programs

December 2004

Involvement in Camp for Mandarin youth entitled “Jesus CEO”



Suicide Prevention talk by Befrienders speaker

6 March

Facilitation session with Parents Group

8 March

Training for SIC office staff and general workers

19 March

Looking for an answer? A talk on the tsunami disaster

13 August

Death & Dying


12 August

Enneagram for the Centre


14 April

Anger management for traffic warden

10 February

Intro to Satir Family Therapy


19 April

Expressive Therapy


23 May

Relationship and Communication Awareness Workshop – Mandarin Parents Group


7 July

Person Centred Expressive Arts Workshop

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