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BEC SS7 St Alphonsus Liguori


Our objectives are to strengthen our faith, helping, supporting and praying for one another especially in time of difficulties. We have various serious and fun activities line up every year such as BEC’s monthly reflection, praying the Rosary, outreach programmes, retreat and of course Makan-Makan sessions.


St Alphonso Liguori BEC consists of residence from Kelana Puteri Condo, Kelana D’Putera Condo and Kelana Mahkota Condo and we have approximately 18 families.


Our latest gathering was the Christmas cum Chinese New Year (CNY) dinner at Michele’s Kitchen and we had Lou Sang together as per pictures below. Do reach out to us if you are living within this area and we would like to invite you to join our fun and loving BECs.

(Above) Christmas cum CNY Dinner on 7 Jan 2023

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