Traffic Wardens


Our current SIC Traffic Warden team consist of a group of about 18 to 20 dedicated volunteers who continue to brave the sun, heat, storm and rain to provide an invaluable service to our Parish. This group of volunteers started as a three to four men team and has evolved into an organised and structured unit that we see today.


The current traffic wardens are organised into 2 groups – one for the English masses and the other for the Mandarin masses. For easy identification, traffic wardens wear a luminous yellow vest and a yellow cap. New wardens joining the team are given guidelines on how to carry out their duties. Meetings are also sometime held to clarify roles and duties to handle and improve our church traffic congestion.

Cooperation from parishioners

Directing traffic has been and still remains a rather challenging duty. Although the situation has much improved as compared to earlier years, there are still incidents of occasional unpleasant encounters with un-cooperating parishioners. In carrying their duties, the traffic wardens are constantly reminded of the fruits of the Holy Spirit of which patience is one of them.

Calling for more volunteers

Despite what seemed like a thankless job, our SIC traffic warden team are still hard at work every Sunday and at certain feast days. However, we do encourage parishioners to come forward and offer their services to this team since many of the traffic wardens have been doing their duties for many years.

Current Core Team members:

  • John Phang (017-568 8099)
  • Gary Mark Stewart (019-3586722)

Last updated on 14 Sep 2021

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