The Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord

CDD, which stands for Congregatio Discipulorum Domini , was founded in China by Cardinal Celso Costantini (photo below) in 1931. The full history of the order can be found at the official CDD website.

CDD in Malaysia

In 1957, six months from National Day, the first batch of CDD priests arrived in Bentong, Pahang to take charge of the Bentong Catholic High School. For over 50 years, the CDD missionary work in Pahang never ceased, placing emphasis and importance on both pastoral work and educational matters.

In the 70s, the CDD members crossed over to Selangor to serve at local parishes and churches. In the 80s, the order turned their attention to Malacca, setting up a minor seminary concentrating on the formation of ‘new blood’. Beginning in the 90s, they began to promote evangelization through literary works.

In 2006, as the order celebrated the 75th anniversary of the founding of the CDD, they officially offered their services to the Penang Diocese.

In 2007, with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of CDD presence and service in Malaysia, the order formally rendered their services to the Toronto Archdiocese of Canada.

Currently there are fourteen (14) CDD priests in Malaysia who continue to spread the Gospel, thus inheriting the words of our forefather while enlightening the young to continue relentlessly in missionary works.

Aims and Special Characteristics of the CDD

  • Proclamation of Gospel values within and through culture.
  • Special services to the Chinese, both in China and overseas, while including other races.
  • Interior life and evangelization complement each other.
  • Fervent love for the Holy Eucharist, strong loyalty to Christ’s vicar in the church.

Objectives of the CDD

  • To serve dioceses, especially in areas neglected by ministers.
  • To open and to administer schools and colleges.
  • To publish apologetics and periodicals.
  • To serve the youth.
  • To look after the poor and the needy.
  • To serve especially the overseas Chinese.

Requirements and Formation for Candidates

The order seeks single male Roman Catholics, aged 21 and above, who have completed secondary school education or higher, with a certain number of years’ working experience. As the Congregation has a special commitment to evangelize to the Chinese people, only those who are called and accept this commitment will be admitted as candidates.

Some CDDs choose to be priests; others, to be brothers. Regardless, the training to become a CDD brother or a CDD priest is the same, consisting of one year Postulancy and one year Novitiate. At the end of the Novitiate, candidates take religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Subsequently, training for the brotherhood continues another three (3) years. Members of the order who choose the priesthood continue with philosophy and theological studies.

Contact Information

CDD Formation House

33A, Pulau Gadong, 75200, Melaka.

Contact person: Fr Anthony Heng, CDD or Brother Joseph Lim, CDD.

For the latest news on the CDD in Malaysia, visit their webpage.

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