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BEC SS3 St Catherine

BEC SS3 St Catherine is located in SS3 and serves about 50 families.

Main Activities

  • Rosary recital in May and October
  • Monthly prayer gathering
  • Social Outreach
  • Regular fellowship/get-together
  • Christmas carolling/party

*Communion Minister

Recent Activities



BEC-SSO Outreach in PJ Old Town

By Leonard Pasqual

Eleven members of our BEC SS3 St Catherine followed the St Ignatius Church (SIC) Street Shepherd Outreach (SSO) team on Saturday evening, 9 March 2019, to help out in the SSO ministry of distributing food and drinks to the urban poor in Petaling Jaya Old Town. Team leader David Foong, in his briefing to us, said the outreach serves anyone and everyone, regardless of race, religion or creed. Many of the people who drop by are single, elderly people who live alone and without much financial resources, so the food and drinks they get in the outreach are something they look forward to. It rained for a while just as we arrived to set up a small table to put the food and drinks on the five-foot way in front of a shop which had shuttered for the day so we were not obstructing anyone.

David asked our members to take charge of handing out the food and drinks. After serving those who were already waiting for their food, there were still a few food packets left as the rain could have prevented more regulars from coming. So led by David, we took a walk around the area to hand the items to those we felt were in need. BEC members who were participating for the very first time in street feeding were unanimous in their praise and support of this challenging outreach that requires passion to go out on the streets week after week. Martin said: “Today’s outreach was interesting, it was also an eye-opener for me as I was given the opportunity to experience how it feels to help other people who are in need.”

“To see the people queue for the food and be happy after receiving it made me feel really blessed with what God has already and will provide for me,” said Marie. Emily said it was an eye-opener that many urban poor are lonely people without anyone to care for them and the outreach has shown how we should appreciate family and help others in need. For Marvin, the smiling faces of those who went away after receiving the food and drinks made his day way better! Marissa meanwhile felt that we should be grateful for the life we have been given and share that blessing with everyone. BEC SS3 St Catherine is thankful to the SSO for allowing its members to jointly help out in this street outreach. We hope to go on another one, this time in KL, in the not-too-distant future.


Adventure in the Pahang Jungle

It was a long drive but a rewarding and fruitful one for nine members of BEC SS3 St Catherine when we ventured out of our comfort zone to reach out to our less-fortunate Orang Asli brethren in Bandar Muazzam Shah in Pahang on Saturday 23 July 2016. Led by Kenny Lee, our day started at 7 am, stopping at Kuala Pilah about 1½ hours later for a quick breakfast of wantan mee and coffee. Then it was an hour’s drive to a supermarket in Bandar Muazzam Shah where we bought provisions like rice, sugar, salt, instant noodles and biscuits to distribute to several Orang Asli families. These families live in separate settlements deep in secondary jungle and oil palm plantations, and we were lucky we were in Kenny’s 2WD vehicle and Raphael and Michelle Jeremiah’s 4WD SUV as they could negotiate the clearing leading to the Orang Asli.

(above) Loading Kenny’s pick-up vehicle with provisions bought at the supermarket 

(above ) Home for one Orang Asli family we visited

Given the twists and turns in the jungle, we would have been lost if not for Kenny leading the way. Our indigenous friends were happy to see Kenny, a regular visitor who has been reaching out to them for some time now, including helping them build wells so that they can gain access to better drinking water. The families are living in appalling conditions without electricity, depending on streams and the rain for water. Their homes are nothing but ramshackle wooden and zinc structures. Besides the food items, we also handed out used children’s clothes which the Orang Asli families had especially asked for.

(above) Kenny sorts out the items we distributed to this Orang Asli family 

(above) This Orang Asli zinc and wooden house is in a jungle clearing

When leaving one settlement, Kenny’s 2WD got stuck in a small mud pool, and we thought the worst – that we would be stranded in the middle of the jungle for who knows how long! For about 30 minutes we tried in vain to rev the stuck tyre out. A few of our Orang Asli friends came to help, filling the tyre depression with earth, and with a little muscle power, the vehicle came unstuck. Praise the Lord! It was a four-hour drive back to SS3 which we reached at 7 pm. It was a long day but one which we cherished.

(above) Our members unloading food items and used clothes to be given to one Orang Asli family 

(above) Members with Orang Asli friends

As Reeta Gomez put it: “It was an eye-opener. Here we are all trying to outbeat each other…and here is a group of people fighting for survival. It was heartbreaking. Makes us realise the joy of giving and sharing.” The BEC thanks all donors who contributed in cash and kind towards this outreach for your care and concern for our poor Orang Asli. Also, we thank and praise God for a safe journey.


Blessings Rain on our Easter Fellowship

It was a shower of blessing – the heavens opened their floodgates and the rain came pouring down – and at one point it threatened to put a damper on our BEC Easter fellowship on Saturday, 9 April 2016. But the heavy rain stopped after about 30 minutes, and members started trickling in to the home of our hosts Regina and Manuel Pillay from 7pm. And the party got under way at 7.30pm with Manuel leading about 50 of us present in an opening prayer. Then Marisa Lee got the gathering to sing along to three simple songs, and had us play a game to loosen us up. William Louis was then invited to cut a cake with the words “Happy Easter” to mark this special occasion. Thank you Sheila Narayanan for ordering this delicious butter cake made by her friend. Then it was “makan” time to savour the many delectable dishes brought by members. There was more than enough to go around. We had two more games after dinner, and there was also a lucky draw where everyone went home with a gift. Overall everyone had a fun time, and we thank the Good Lord for His blessing that day.

(above) William makes a wish and cuts the special cake to mark our Easter fellowship

(above) Isabelle is the centre of attraction in a game we played at the fellowship 

The following Saturday, 16 April, seven members helped in preparing the food for our SIC Parish Integral Human Development (PIHD) ministry soup kitchen for about 40 Myanmar migrant children living in Kota Damansara. Starting at 8 am, they had to peel onions, chop garlic, cut cabbage, carrots, broccoli, papaya, and slice the meat. These items were then cooked by a PIHD volunteer. By 11 am the food including rice had been cooked and it was loaded into a PIHD van to be taken to where the children were living, a third-floor unit in a block of shophouses.

(above) Our members busy cutting and peeling for the PIHD soup kitchen 

(above) Serving the Myanmar migrant children who lined up orderly for lunch at the PIHD soup kitchen

The obedient children said grace first before they lined up for their food served by our BEC members. Some of the children, who ranged in age from four to 12, came for seconds. It was a joy to see them enjoy the simple fare of rice, a pork dish and fried mixed vegetables. There were also served a cold drink and slices of papaya. There was a bit of food left over which we left with the children’s caretakers for their dinner. The children helped clean up after eating. Our two youths, Marisa and sister Marie, had a fun time with the friendly and outgoing kids. Then it was time to leave. For those BEC members who helped out, it was a morning well spent in helping those less fortunate than us.

(above) Happy children and members after lunch


Catholic Living: Be Alert and Alive

By Sulochini Nair

In the Bible, St Paul exhorts us: “Pray always.” Can we really do that in this busy and noisy world? FMM (Franciscan Missionaries of Mary) Sister Patricia Choong posed this question to our BEC members at the start of her talk on relationships at the rosary gathering at the home of William and Juliana Louis on May 20. Our being alive is already giving glory to God; it is already a prayer when we live in an integrated manner, without separating the intellectual, emotional or physical sides of living, etc., she said. Quoting St Paul from the Acts of the Apostles, “For in him we live and move and have our being”, Sister Pat shared:

Sister Pat Choong gave an enlightening talk to our BEC on May 20 (above left). Juliana Louis presents a fruit basket to Sister Pat Choong as a token of appreciation for spending time with our BEC (above right).

“What is your relationship with God then? Who is God to you? We have to turn to Jesus and what he said about the Father.   I am the vine, you are the branches; I am the bread of life; What is Jesus telling us? That God wants a relationship with us; it cannot be forced, it takes time and contact with one another. But we can be sure that in the world, everything will disappear and end, but relationships (and good friends) will never desert you. Just like Jesus’ love endures forever.”

BEC Relationships: Sr Pat said it should be the same for relationships among BEC members. A relationship or friendship that offers companionship, love and a helping hand in times of need; someone you can rely on in times of trouble… that is the type of bond God wants for His people. “Jesus told us to ‘love one another as I have loved you’; so a relationship with God and with each other is very important.

In Him We Move – Sr Pat said we will keep living with Him as our driving force.

In Him I Am (in other words, I have a being) – God is always present in me so I can say God holds me up. He is my support throughout my day.

BEC members in a group photo with Sister Pat Choong after her talk

“So when we remember these three aspects, we realise we are in prayer the whole day! “And so we stay alive, alert throughout our lives, and even old age doesn’t have to be a drudgery as we stay alive to the end, so that at the end of life, we can say, ‘Jesus I have glorified you in prayer by living’.” Even at the moment of facing death, Sr Pat reminded us that as Catholics it is important to remember what Jesus spoke to the Father in prayer in John 17:24 “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world.”

“Remember, everything we receive is a gift from God; the joys, sorrows, tribulations… even now when we look back at our lives, we can say God was with us throughout those times. So stay alive and alert, praying always!


Easter Blessing

We were expecting “showers of blessings” as dark clouds loomed overhead as our BEC got ready to celebrate Easter with a fellowship among members on Saturday 18 April. In fact rain had started to fall and the organisers were expecting the worst. But the Good Lord heard our prayers and the rain stopped, and members slowly trickled in to Manuel and Regina Pillay’s home for yet another wonderful celebration of the resurrected Christ. Our youths, headed by Alicia Pereira, had decorated the premises and also beautifully wrapped the gifts to be won by those in attendance – in all there were 41 of us present, including a few guests.

(above) Easy does it as members try to pass the table-tennis ball without dropping it 

(above) Emily Lee (right) passes the table-tennis ball to Geraldine Lazaroo during the ice-breaker

(above) A slide about our Easter fellowship done by the youths

(above) Happy foursome at the fellowship (from left): Marie Lee, Alicia Pereira and her sons Lawrence and Alexander

The evening kicked off with an ice-breaker – passing a table-tennis ball with a spoon in our mouths. It had many of us in stitches as members tried their best to avoid dropping the ball on pain of a penalty. This was followed by a sing-along before we got to the main event — the makan. As it was a potluck fellowship, members contributed the thoroughly enjoyable and varied food, and there was more than enough to go around. Then it was a few more games and lucky draw rounds before everyone went home with a prize or two. There was also time for a short karaoke session of oldies and new hits, thanks to our youths who projected the YouTube recordings sourced from the Internet.

The BEC thanks Manuel and Regina for opening their home (again) for this fellowship, Alicia, Emily Lee and our youths for organising it, all those who contributed the food and drinks, and all those who came to spend time with each other. All agreed it was time well spent as they went home richer from the laughter, smiles and camaraderie, which will help our members grow in love for each other.


Lent Outreach to Old Folks’ Home

Twenty-four members, both young and not-so-young, put aside their Saturday morning chores on 14 March to spend some time with 11 elderly residents of Phyllis old folk’s home in Section 12, Petaling Jaya. The group brought with them some provisions generously donated by members who responded to an earlier appeal. Besides donations in kind like biscuits, a sum of RM800 was collected which was used to buy the provisions, and also goodie bags filled with items like toiletries for the residents. On arrival, the group was welcomed by home operator Phyllis Nathan, who took members in to meet the residents, who included our BEC member Xavier.

(above) The BEC group in a sing-along with residents of the home

(above) Two young BEC guitarists get the group singing a few songs

Members sang a few songs accompanied by guitarists Marissa and Karen to entertain the residents on that pleasant morning. Our two youngest members, Aiden and Hannah Jeremiah, happily undertook the job of handing the goodie bags to each resident of the home. We spent about an hour at the home getting to know the elderly residents, with a pledge that we would visit them again. We ended our visit, part of our Lent outreach this year, with a group photo with Phyllis and the more mobile residents.

(above) Two young BEC members get to know an elderly resident of the home 

(above) Aiden and Hannah Jeremiah (right) hand over a goodie bag to a resident of the home 

BEC members together with some residents of the home


Carolling 2014

A group of members went carolling around the neighbourhood just before Christmas to bring the good news of Jesus’ birth. We praise and thank God for the good weather on Dec 18 and 19 as it did not rain the two nights we went from house to house when the whole month was wet, wet, wet. Our youths, accompanied by guitarists Tania Pereira and Karen Pasqual and led by choir mistress Alicia Pereira, together with a few adults, sang Christmas carols at the 15 homes they went on the two nights. They hope they managed to bring the joy and anticipation of Christmas to members.

The BEC thanks members for opening their homes to the carollers, and also for the sum of about RM900 which they donated as love offering. The BEC intends to use this money to fund our Easter gathering 2015 which all members are invited to attend. The BEC also thanks all the carollers in this traditional effort which it hopes will also strengthen and nurture their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.


St Catherine’s Christmas Wonderland

SS3 is brighter during Advent and Christmas season since Alicia and Kenneth Paramanathan moved to the neighbourhood in 2010 – the compound of their home is all lit up at night, drawing the attention of residents and passers-by. Every year the bright lights never fail to attract people to stop and admire the handiwork that goes into such elaborate decorations for the season, many taking photos of the scene for their personal collection.

A lit-up snowman, a circle of lights around a coconut tree and other twinkling lights brighten up Alicia’s and Kenneth’s home at night (above left). A view of the house full of colourful lights against the night sky (above right).

Alicia said she and Kenneth would come up with a colour theme for the year, but this year they decided to go with a multi-coloured theme, thus the many colours we see outside the house this time. “We started about seven years ago after we went overseas for a visit where we saw the bright and colourful decorated houses,” said Alicia. The couple started decorating their apartment in USJ Subang Jaya, and continued the practice when they moved to SS3, to the delight of friends and residents in the area.

Another view of the house when the lights come on (above left). ‘Merry Christmas’ in lights outside the house (above right).

Pilot Kenneth buys items on his trips overseas, and the couple also sources decorative items online. The couple’s home has been featured twice in the mainstream newspapers over the years. They also put their effort and imaginative ideas into decorating the home of Kenneth’s mother and sisters for the season.


Thank you Jesus and Mary

We praise and thank God for His help in our BEC completing another successful rosary devotion in October 2014 despite the rainy weather on many days. Most days about 10 people would gather at members’ homes on weekdays to pray the rosary and ask Mary’s intercession to fulfil their intentions. The BEC thanks all those members who opened their homes for the rosary gathering, and also all those who came to pray together. One of the many intentions offered was for the well-being and health of all BEC members, whether active or inactive, and also that more members would participate in BEC activities such as the rosary gathering.

BEC members admiring a statue of Our Lady at a rosary gathering


Time Well-Spent at Cafeteria

3 August was an exciting and nerve-wracking day for our BEC as members and friends got together to host the Sunday morning cafeteria at St Ignatius Church. After months of planning over what to sell, where to source the food and who does what, it all boiled down to this Sunday morning; we all prayed hard that we would be able to pull it off — and praise the Lord, we did it! About 20 members and friends, young and old, started arriving at the cafeteria from 6.30 am to get things ready — putting up the tables and chairs, wiping them clean, setting up the stalls and arranging the food items, frying the nuggets, chicken and fries, heating up the pau and mixing the hot and cold drinks, etc.

Parishioners in the cafeteria after the 8.45 am Mass 

Then we waited for parishioners to patronise our stalls after the 6.45 am Mass. We had on offer — besides hot and cold drinks — roti canai, nasi lemak, mee siam, curry puffs and Nyonya kuih, home-made idli with dhall curry & herbal chutney, fried nuggets and fries, various pau items, fried chicken and chicken curry, and ice-cream. Sales were not too encouraging, and we were worried this would be repeated after the 8.45 am Mass. But our fears were put to rest when the crowd poured in and long lines were seen at many of the stalls. In no time, most of the items were sold though the mee siam, Nyonya kuih and ice-cream were still available for late-comers and the last to go. At 12.30 pm everyone chipped in to put back the tables, chairs and cafeteria utensils, clear the rubbish and clean up the place. Then it was time for a group photo, followed by a closing prayer of thanks led by Emily Lee.

(above) BEC members manning the stalls 

(above) Kenny Lee busy frying nuggets for our coffee morning 

At the end of the day, the total proceeds from the cafeteria came to a whopping RM2,269.60, largely due to members and friends not taking back their cost and donating the funds to our BEC. A sum of RM226.60 or 10 per cent was given to the church as stipulated, leaving our BEC with RM2,043 which we will use for outreach projects. Our BEC also received RM282 in donations towards the cafeteria project.  The BEC would like to thank all parishioners who patronised our stalls, and especially our members and friends for their generosity in helping out with the cafeteria morning. All who took part said it was well worth the effort and time well spent. Praise the Lord!


Fun, Food and Fellowship

By Gerry Lazaroo

Our bus with 32 people on board left SS3 for our long-awaited BEC SS3 St Catherine day trip to Malacca on 5 July just after 7 am. We started with an opening prayer led by our co-ordinator Reeta Gomes, followed by a decade of the rosary for a safe trip. After about an hour on the road, we stopped at the Seremban rest area for a quick breakfast and toilet break. We hit the road again and arrived in Malacca town shortly after 10 am. The first place we visited was St Peter’s Church, the oldest Catholic church in the country. As we went in to pray for personal intentions, we noticed the many tombstones on the floor with familiar Dutch and Portuguese surnames.

Day-trippers in front of the famous fountain in Malacca

Next, we visited St Francis Xavier Church. A memorial Mass was going on, so some of us joined in the prayers and hymns. The group then visited the Anglican Christ Church, just a short walk away. Not to be missed was a visit to the Stadhuys, built by the Dutch colonisers in 1650, and the A Famosa, the only part left of a massive fort built by the Portuguese when they ruled Malacca. A walk up St Paul’s Hill to see the remains of St Paul’s Church was left to the strong and able. By then we were looking forward to lunch, and the Jonker Street area was crowded with throngs of visitors, and people were lining up for the famous ‘chicken rice balls’. After lunch, many braved the heat to shop for Malacca delicacies and other knick-knacks.

(above) Some in the group take a break during the walkabout in Malacca 

(above) On the bus heading to Malacca 

We took a quick drive through the Portuguese Settlement and skipped a visit to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe as we were running late. Another time maybe. Then it was time to head home. We again stopped at the Seremban rest area for a quick tea-time snack before reaching SS3 at 7 pm safe and sound, thanks to our able and patient driver. It was a long and tiring 12-hour trip, but everyone displayed a sense of camaraderie, fellowship and patience so it was time well spent. And this bodes well for the spirit of togetherness for St Catherine BEC. Blessed be to God!


God Always There for Me

By Marissa Lee

I want to share a few challenges I faced when I started college this year and how God has helped me overcome them. The first challenge was my transport home after classes. I could take the train but I was afraid of the city and the unsavoury people you would meet on the streets. I prayed because I needed help here and at the same time did not want to trouble my parents. God is very faithful and He answered my prayers by getting my parents to send me to college in the morning or sometimes they would allow me to drive to college. Even if I had to take the train, I would say a prayer and I could feel a sense of peace and protection surrounding me always. Thank you Lord!

As the months passed I made new friends in college and also met friends who shared the same faith. As I am studying in the Methodist College in Kuala Lumpur, there are many Christian students from different denominations, and this was where my Catholic faith was put to the test — when they peppered me with many questions about my faith. I did not have ready answers, and felt sad when I could not enlighten my Protestant friends.

But I realised that maybe God had placed this challenge in my life to allow my faith to grow. To get the answers, I “Googled” for more information, and also asked people whom I trust — a priest and my mother. Because of this challenge, a few Catholic friends and I have grown stronger together in our faith. If my faith is being challenged when I’m in college, I can’t imagine what it would be like when I start working. I encourage everyone to learn more about our faith, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us. I ask all of you to pray for me and my friends in college to stay strong and stand up for our Catholic faith!

Marissa is a college-going member of the BEC. She is sure God will keep her strong and true to her faith.


Happy and Joyous Easter Party

By Marissa Lee

Our BEC Easter party on (Sunday) 27 April 2014 at the home of Manuel and Regina Pillay was a blessed one, truly another event that reminded us of how God was really present and working in our lives, especially in our beautiful BEC. We started with a word of prayer, followed by praise and worship led entirely by the youths. Although some songs were new to the adults, it was pleasing to see them try their best to worship our wonderful God. We even had action songs where the young and old moved and laughed together as they sang. At that moment, I could just imagine our Lord watching us from above with a big smile on His face! We then had an ice-breaker where we played the rubber band game. It was hilarious to see everyone try their best not to drop the rubber band and to pass it on as quickly as possible using straws held in their mouths.

Everyone was happy when it was time for food! We thank God for all the amazing food we had on the table.  We also thank all those who spent time preparing all the scrumptious dishes. The youths then performed a skit. And it was how I learned about the many young and talented performers in our BEC and how they could brighten up anybody’s day. The youths truly hope all of you enjoyed the skit! Every party needs games! This year we played the newspaper dancing game and also coconut bowling. It was really cute to see how our uncles and aunties danced with the children. It was fun to watch as some pairs struggled to keep their feet on the newspaper as it was folded smaller and smaller.

After each game, we had a lucky draw. Everyone went home happy as everyone won a prize! When it came down to the large hampers, everyone was so excited, hoping that their number would be called. The party ended with a closing prayer and everyone helped out to clean up the place before leaving. I have always looked forward to this Easter party every year because it is that time of the year where many of our BEC members would come together for fellowship. But putting aside all the fun and laughter, we need to constantly remind ourselves of the true reason why we’re able to celebrate Easter; that is, to honour Jesus’ death on the cross to save us and His glorious resurrection. If it wasn’t for Him, we would not be able to enjoy all these beautiful memories on earth. Thank you dear Lord for your great love for us!

Mary Still Showing Us the Way

By Sulochini Nair

She may have lived during Biblical times, more than 2,000 years ago, but Mother Mary remains relevant to us Catholics and worthy of imitation today. For one, she was a perfect disciple, thus an exemplary Catholic, said Sister Jane Koh in a talk on “Mary — Woman of Our Times” at one of our rosary gatherings in May. Sr Jane reminded us that without Mary there is no Jesus and no church. “Tradition tells us she played a very important role in Jesus’ life. “From consenting to bear the Son of God at the Annunciation to following Him to the foot of the cross 30 years later, she followed Christ, even as she was with the apostles in the room when the resurrected Christ appeared.” Are we as faithful in following Jesus?

Mary never lost faith. Although she questioned God at the Annunciation asking, “How can this be?” she accepted her mission. We too can question God… why God? in those situations in our lives that baffle us such as when a tragedy strikes. Sr Jane said from Mary’s example, it is not wrong to question God, but after that our faith has to step in and we should remain steadfast to what God wants us to do. Mary accepted everything without complaint. She could have lamented the fact that her son was crucified and blamed the apostles for abandoning Jesus but the Bible tells us she remained composed and silent in her sorrow, accepting everything as God’s will.

Sister Jane posed some interesting questions

BEC members with Sister Jane (centre) after her enlightening talk at the home of Emily & Kenny Lee

Do we exercise patience when dealing with our problems or are we upset and angry with others? When she did not understand things, Mary pondered about them, just as parents can only ponder and trust in the Lord in certain situations in life. Mary offers a spirit of prayer. Sr Jane said prayer can be just dialogue with God throughout one’s day. She encouraged us each night to meditate: How did God speak to me today? What did I do to give life today? If we hurt someone (remember even words can kill), ask forgiveness and then thank God for the graces we received that day..


The Joy in Veronica’s Sorrow

By Sulochini Nair

She Ben Dorairaj, our member who lived in Jalan SS3/21, had been in hospital since Monday 17 March 2014. On Wednesday, his condition took a turn for the worse. He was moved to the ground floor for oxygen infusion. The specialist’s words to Veronica, Ben’s wife, were, “Ben’s condition is not good.” Although Ben was conscious and ate most of the porridge he asked for lunch that day, Veronica and her sons Mark, Daniel and Terrence could sense his decline. By night time, he was very weak and Veronica remembered she had asked Mark to get the priest. “I had forgotten all about it because of the stressful moments we were going through. Our thoughts were all about making Ben feel better and helping him.” It was about 1am that Veronica happened to step out of Ben’s room into the corridor. As if in a vision, she saw Fr Andrew Wong, our SIC assistant parish priest, entering the ward with a woman and young man. Veronica greeted Fr Andrew and told him about Ben. Then she realised he had actually come to see another patient. However, Father assured her he would come and anoint Ben later.

Relieved that the priest had come, Veronica was taken by surprise when the young man came running out of the patient’s room minutes to her. He asked her if she would stand godmother to his brother, who lay unconscious and hooked to tubes inside. Veronica agreed without hesitating and went in. Father took down her particulars and baptised the 40-year-old Chinese man. A strange excitement and joy filled Veronica in her own sorrow. “It was happiness although I was so upset, worried and sad about Ben; it was like God filled my heart with joy at that moment. “I had been asked to be a godmother in a way that was so meaningful. His baptism name was Daniel, just like my second son’s. The woman with the young man, Shawn, was their mother. She told me her son Daniel had a heart problem.” Later, when Ben received his anointing, he was conscious, says Veronica, and happy to see an SIC priest whom he recognised. (Ben had a special preference for the priests of SIC, the parish he liked to worship in).

Veronica became godmother to a dying man

Daniel died the next day, which was Thursday, without gaining consciousness. Shawn would call Veronica to inform her much later. Thursday was also another long and hard day for Veronica and her sons as they watched Ben go through his own Calvary and then fall into a deep sleep. He passed away at 9 am on Friday 21 March 2014. Shawn was among those who came to pay his condolences at Ben’s funeral on Monday, hugging Veronica like a close friend or family member. Veronica says it was very emotional for her too. In her sorrow, Veronica was comforted by the bitter-sweet moment of consenting to be a godmother in another family’s tragic moment of need. Today, she still feels the joy that God gave her as she prays for her husband and godson and offers masses for them. In a sense, she lost a husband and gained a godson, both of whom are with the Lord.

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