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Sunday School Calendar 2021

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SS20 Damansara Kim - Holy Infant Jesus

becss20aThe SS20 BEC was formed in March 2010 to essentially create a united Catholic community within the area. The objectives of the SS20 BEC are to encourage better BEC participation and to get to know the Catholic families in SS20. We have about 20 Catholic families who have since registered with our BEC, and with God’s grace, the numbers are increasing.

As we are in our infancy, it is only apt that we should choose ‘Holy Infant Jesus’ as our beloved patron and inspiration. The very qualities of child-like simplicity, trust, humility and dependency that characterise children need be contemplated, accepted and eventually adopted in our own lives as we live and struggle in a world of challenges.



SS20 Damansara Kim


Margaret Vengadasalamn
Assistant Coordinator
Chrisjit Christine
Joyce Hor


• Reflection Paper & BEC Gatherings - Every 3rd Wednesday of the month
• Rosary Gatherings for May & October – To open your homes, please contact Cynthia
• On-going recycling campaign to collect old newspapers – The funds are used for our out-reach projects. Please contact Joyce
• PIHD Programme for Migrants – Monthly visits to Myanmar refugees
• Christmas Carolling and Christmas Party – November & December

You are most welcome to join us for any of our activities. If you would like to be included in our email and sms communication, please email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or send an sms to 012 268 9069.


O Divine Child Jesus, only-begotten Son of the Father, You are the true light that enlightens everyone coming into this world. It is through You that I am, it is through You that all things have been made, and without You nothing would be. It is therefore just that I devote myself to You without reserve.
In gratitude for all the love with which You love me, I devote to you all the love my heart is capable of. I ardently desire to love you still more, to offer You a heart less unworthy of You. Accept this ardent desire, O amiable Child-God, and kindly bless it.
You have suffered for us and have borne Your infirmities, in order that we might one day deserve to be associated with Your eternal happiness. I want to unite my sufferings to Yours, so that You may give them merit and they may be sanctified. As You have been weeping for me, because of my sins, help me by Your grace to weep for them myself.
I also devote to You all my joys. I only have the ambition and the will to seek those pleasing to your service, by the practise of the virtues taught in the mysteries of Your Divine Childhood. I beg You to help me by Your grace to acquire the gentleness, the humility, the childlike simplicity, the filial confidence and the perfect obedience, of which you give me such a splendid example.
May I progress in holiness and one day possess the rewards promised in heaven to those who practise the lessons of your Holy Childhood.

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