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A component of SIC Liturgy Ministry, the Parish Communication Team (PCT) manage & maintain the church’s website, Youtube & Telegram Channels, Mass projection, and coordinates a team of video & photographers. PCT is currently facing a critical shortage of manpower to operate the Mass Viewer during the weekend, holy days of obligation and special events such as Parish Feast Day.

Mass projection work entails operating a computer with the Order of Mass, hymns & announcements pre-linked for the projectionist to click in sequence as Mass progresses. IT savviness is not required & current projectionists range in age from their 20s to above 60. Training will be provided. Apart from composure, the most important attribute is dedication to serve the Lord & the People of God.

PCT also welcome parishioners interested in taking photos of major events held mainly within the church building & compound, and outside occasionally. Interest in photography & desire to serve would be advantageous.

Pls contact Sheena 017 219 7884 or Bernard 012 278 2816 for more information.

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