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Archdiocese Notice - 15 April 2021




SIC Welcomes New Catholics



RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is proud to present 19 Elects and 10 Confirmands (a total of 29 Candidates) on the night of Easter Vigil on 3 Apr 2021 where they celebrated the Sacrament of Initiation in the presence of their Godparents and community at large. Well-prepared with their Baptism and Confirmation attire, these Candidates were filled with the desire to meet with the Risen Lord.



They have journeyed with the RCIA facilitators for almost nine months and are equipped with their spirit-filled enthusiasm to be known as Neophytes now. They shall continue to journey and step forward into the life of the parish community and participate actively to serve in ministries.


RCIA wish to thank SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD and Assistant Parish Priests – Fr Lawrence Ng CDD & Fr Martin Then CDD – in guiding these Neophytes who shall be commissioned as we reach the Feast of Pentecost.



Download the pdf version of the above listing for your reference.


Meanwhile at the Easter Vigil Mass in Mandarin held earlier in the evening, 18 Elects were baptised and seven candidates were confirmed together with the Elects.


Photos of the Rites of Baptism and Confirmation during the Easter Vigil Masses held at SIC on 3 Apr 2021 taken by the Parish Communication Team (PCT) are available for viewing & downloading (preferably using pc or laptop) at FlickrGoogle Photos 1, Google Photos 2 & Google Drive.


PIHDM Newsletter 2021


Check out the latest newsletter produced by the SIC Parish Integral Human Development Ministry (PIHDM).


SIC Notice - 9 Mar 2021



Check out the Mass schedule in English



Check out the Mass schedule in Mandarin

Parishioners who wish to attend Mass, pls click on Mass Registration Form to register online. Or click on the link at SIC Homepage (see below): 



An Active BEC During MCO


BEC SS23 Archangel Gabriel has produced a video of their activities in 2020. Despite restrictions placed by movement control orders to curb the spread of Covid-19 pandemic for much of the year, members strived to keep active & connected through various means. They include using video-conferencing tools such as Zoom to meet online, hold prayer gatherings, organise charity projects & even made the effort to produce handmade welcome gifts for new members. Hope our BECs can follow their example to stay in touch with one another & keep contributing where possible.

BEC SS23 Archangel Gabriel has also updated its webpage information.


Mission Community School Programme


More information is available at the Mission Community School Website.


Archdiocese Notice - 5 March 2021




Sunday School Advent Programme Certificate Presentation


Complete 26 requisite activities during the season of Advent in preparation for Christmas. This challenge was issued by St Ignatius Church (SIC) Sunday School to some 150 of its primary students who were not able to gather as usual in their classrooms due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Why 26? Because there are 26 days in Advent and there is an activity for each day in the season.


On 11 November 2020 when the Advent Programme was launched, parents were granted online access to register their children, use a guidebook explaining the reason behind each activity listed in the Advent Calendar, & follow instructions on how to upload pictures of completed activities. Virtual Christmas trees were decorated with symbols (each child was assigned a symbol) as activities are completed.


“Advent is a time of hope, joy, anticipation, reflection, forgiveness & thanksgiving; a time of self-preparation to receive baby Jesus,” shared Catechism Class Support Team member Lelia Chan. “We hope the children who participated in the Advent Programme have gained this deeper understanding of Advent; making their Christmas a more meaningful one.”



On Saturday 2 January 2021, four students who completed all 26 tasks – Jayden Jayatilaka, Zachary Lau Xue Rui, Allena Mitzie D Valiente & Tristan Jace Edward – were each presented with a Certificate of Achievement by SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD. According to two of the recipients, designing ornaments for the activities & abstaining from regular use of smartphones or electronic devices are amongst the most difficult to achieve. Also present to share their achievement were the students’ parents & a few siblings.



Available for viewing are two videos on the Advent Programme produced by the Catechism Class Support Team: Our Advent Journey Part 1 and Part 2. More photos of the certificate presentation taken by the Parish Communication Team (PCT) are available at Parish Life in Pictures

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