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Bethany Counselling Centre

For appointments, please call 018 311 7847 Monday to Friday (10 am - 5 pm). Click on Bethany for more information about the centre.

Online Resources

Following are links to resources which could be useful for faith formation at our convenience. Pls click on purple text to view.

1. An Introduction to the Bible (video series) and other studies by Nicholas Lebish

2. Bible Basics for Catholics (nine-part video series) by Kristin Van Tilborg

3. Agape Catholic Bible Study

4. Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary

5. Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture

6. Catechism of the Catholic Church

(a) Text

(b) Video Series (50 parts) by Fr John Corapi

(c) Video Series (111 parts) by Fr Daniel J Mahan

(d) Katekismus Gereja Katolik 

7. YOUCAT (Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church)

8. Code of Canon Law

(a) Text

(b) Canon Law Made Easy

9. General Instruction of the Roman Missal

10. Power of the Rosary video series by Fr John Corapi

(a) Part 1: The Power of the Rosary

(b) Part 2: The Joyful Mysteries

(c) Part 3: The Sorrowful Mysteries

(c) Part 4: The Glorious Mysteries

(b) Part 5: The Luminous Mysteries

11. Catholic Apps (for smartphones & tablets)

(a) Long Listing

(b) Top 5

12. A Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan

13. Free Traditional Catholic Books

14. SIC Newsletter (Elements of the Liturgy, Catholic Practices & How to Get More Out of Mass)

Please click on the dates below to view.

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