Mass Offerings & Donations

Parishioners kindly note that intentions for Mass offerings and donations for the maintenance of the parish can be remitted online using the following information:

Thereafter, kindly send an email to the parish office at enclosing a copy of the remittance and stating the purpose of the transfer. If it is for Mass offerings, please state for each Mass offered who it is for, the proposed date of the Mass and the intention, i.e. whether it is a:

1) Special Intention (Sp. I)
2) Thanksgiving, or
3) for the deceased (RIP).

Parishioners may also make payments using cheques made payable to St Ignatius Church and mailed to SIC’s address.

Parishioners may also use the QR code on the left for Donations only. Please note that this QR Code can be scanned using smartphone apps of participating banks, as well as e-wallets (e.g. TNG eWallet).

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