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New RCIA Intake

Interested in joining the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church? Or introduce a friend to the biggest church in the world?

Do so by joining or recommending our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) programme which will start on 6 Jul 2021.

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Formation Team

The St. Ignatius Formation team comprises of active church-going Catholics who believe that they have been called to share their faith through the organizing of various spiritual formation programs for the different levels of parishioners of the church. The current team members are mostly past coordinators from the various BECs and ministries of the church and bring with them the knowledge, skills and experiences to the team.

The programs organize are normally conducted by the team members or when required, the program is out-sourced or an external speaker is invited to give a talk. Members of the team keep themselves updated by attending formations that are organized internally or externally. The team meets once a month on the second Tuesday of every month.

Typical programs held annually are the Orientation program for New Leaders, the Lay Leaders Retreat/Camp held outside the church. The formation team works very closely with the SIC BECAT team. Very often we organize programs together for BECs.

Contact the Formation Team:

Chief CoordinatorAnthony Sta Maria+6 012 286 3940
Assistant CoordinatorStephen Ho+6 016 286 9000

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