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Interested in joining the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church? Or introduce a friend to the biggest church in the world?

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BEC SS5 St Joseph

becss5stjosephiconWe will be 15 years old this June 2021! Our BEC was formed during the restructuring exercise of the larger BECs of SS4 and SS5 in 2006. We have dwindled in size to around 21 families due to relocation of families and passing on of members. Majority of our members are senior citizens. Due to the various Control Movements for Covid-19, our BEC was inactive for awhile. We are back being active with a new Core Team in December 2020.

Areas of Coverage

Jalan SS5/1, Jalan SS5A/14, 16, 18 & 19, Jalan SS5B/1, 3 & 8.


Main Activities

• Last Friday of the month for Reflection Paper

• Sharing of St Joseph during Reflection Paper

• Core Team meets as and when necessary. Currently using Whatsapp for important matters.

• Lent and Advent Outreach Programmes

• Rosary Prayers

• Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Moon Cake Festival

• Celebration of Thanksgiving

• Chinese New Year, Easter and Christmas Fellowship.

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