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Bethany Counselling Centre

For appointments, please call 018 311 7847 Monday to Friday (10 am - 5 pm). Click on Bethany for more information about the centre.

BEC SS5 St Joachim

The original BEC in the SS5 area was a large BEC with over a hundred families. It has been restructured over the years. In the year 2005, it was restructured to smaller BECs. Now we are known as BEC SS5 – St Joachim. (St Joachim is the spouse of St Anne – how blessed and spotless a couple! As the Lord says: By their fruits you will know them. Guide us to lead a devout and holy life as in your human life.)

With Blessed St Joachim as our patron and inspiration, our objective is to reach out and welcome all new families who have moved into our area to join us sharing and giving. The BEC now has 29 families.

Area of Coverage

Jalan SS5/1 (1-42), Jalan SS5/2, Jalan SS5/3, Jalan SS5C/1 (2-44), Jalan SS5C/4 (10-61),Jalan SS5C/5 till Jalan SS5C/8, Jalan SS5C/10, Jalan SS5C/12 and Jalan SS5C/14.


Monthly Activities

Core team meetings and Monthly BEC Gatherings on Reflection Paper.

Programme / Events of the Year

We have a programme/schedule every 3 months for our BEC Gatherings on the Reflection Paper and other activities.

Jan - BEC Christmas/Chinese New Year/NY fellowship

Feb - BEC Formation

Mar - PIHD Feeding Programme

May - Rosary at the Grotto

Oct - Rosary at BEC level

Dec - Advent Prayer Gathering

Dec - Christmas Carolling

When need arises - almsgiving.

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