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BEC SS4D St Michael

BEC SS4D St Michael was formed in the early 2000s and the boundary stretched from SS4D/1 to SS4D/18. Todate we have 30 families in our BEC but not all are active. Most of the members are elderly or seniors and we hardly have young children in our community.



We have been a closely knit community and all will rally around to help for 7-day prayers, Rosary sessions in May & October and the monthly BEC reflection paper. So far attendance has been around 8-10 families for BEC gathering. We used to have carolling for Christmas but due to the pandemic have not had it for the last year.



(above) Visit to Church of St Joseph in Sentul on 27 April 2021. Members had their photos taken with Church of St Joseph Parish Priest Fr George Packiasamy (wearing blue T-shirt).

For Lent this year, we passed the hat round to collect money to help the Altar Servers who were doing an outreach programme for some Homes. The response was good and we managed to collect RM2,760 for this cause. We also collected some money and visited the Home for the Mentally Challenged in Bukit Beruntung and bought RM1,000 worth of provisions and also gave a cash donation of RM500. (Pictures below)



We also managed to have an April BEC Reflection Paper cum Easter Gathering at Gloria's home after Easter Sunday. It was a potluck gathering and each brought a dish to share. We observed social distancing and wore masks during the Reflection time. (Pictures below)


Going forward, we have not planned anything as the pandemic is still in force and most probably we will be having Zoom Rosary sessions as well as the Reflection Paper via Zoom. To keep ourselves healthy, we go for morning walks and we will usually meet at 7.30 am and walk for 45 minutes – there will usually be around four to five of us.


As there are lots of birthdays during the year, we usually drop by after our morning walk to that particular member’s house with a birthday cake and sing a birthday song. Usually the member feels very happy. (Pictures below)





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