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Bethany Counselling Centre

For appointments, please call 018 311 7847 Monday to Friday (10 am - 5 pm). Click on Bethany for more information about the centre.

BEC SS26 St John

There are currently about 35 families in our BEC. We were simply known as BEC SS26 for many years until 2009, when we decided to adopt the name St John (the Evangelist) for a more “spiritual” feel. As such, our slogan became “LOVE WILL LEAD THE WAY”, a theme we try to live by in all our words and actions.

Area of Coverage

All roads in SS26, Taman Mayang Jaya (i.e. from roads 3 to 21).

Main Activities

• Core Meeting among core team members and road reps (usually on the 2nd Wednesday of the month)

• Prayer gathering (usually on the 3rd Wednesday of the month)


Past Activities

• Collected old palm leaves which were burned and distributed to members of our BEC

• Sponsoring of Masses in SIC

• Home Masses cum home visits by SIC priests

• Fellowship gatherings such as Christmas party, annual get-together cum potluck

• A trip to St Anne’s Church in Klang to celebrate the Feast of St Anne.

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