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Bethany Counselling Centre

For appointments, please call 018 311 7847 Monday to Friday (10 am - 5 pm). Click on Bethany for more information about the centre.

BEC SS25 St Emmanuel

BEC SS25 was formed in 1992. After a restructuring, SS25 was divided into two BECs – Philip Minh and St Emmanuel. Our patron saint is St Emmanuel, a Vietnamese priest and martyr who died for the faith.

Area of Coverage

SS25 St Emmanuel BEC covers all homes from roads SS25/1 to SS25/17, SS25/19, SS25/21 and SS25/23 including St Ignatius Church, PJ. There are 27 families in our BEC.

Core Team

Jacqui Holloway
Assistant Coordinator 
Reneboy Bautista
Paul Wong 
Bing Lee 
Antonio Lee 
Social Media 
Sharon Sharmila

Home Communion

Our BEC has two communion ministers who can bring holy communion to members who are unable to receive this Sacrament in church such as the disabled, elderly & sick either at their homes or hospitals:

Bridget Chang 017 793 2788 and Reneboy Bautista 016 228 6038.

Recent Activities



(above) April Prayer Meet & Easter Gathering. An interesting aspect of this month's Reflection Paper – with the theme of Rise in Hope – was a thought-provoking sharing on identifying the "animals" which control our lives & how we can act to expel them so that we can get closer to God. Members had fun participating in the Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Trivia Quiz where there were prizes up for grabs.



Good Friday 2021 - Prayer outreach with the Catholic Prison Fellowship Association (KL Archdiocesan Prison Ministry). Members lit a candle in prayer and solidarity with those who are experiencing incarceration, awaiting bail and trial in prison, babies and young children living with their mothers in prison and for the families that have loved ones in prison and are facing hardship and hatred.




Lenten Outreach 2021: Donation from our BEC funds and donors when towards purchasing essential street supplies such as toiletries, IKEA blankets, multivitamins, minyak Cap Kapak, slippers, backpack, face mask as well as food for 60+ street friends and community who live by the riverbanks in KL as they are most in need. Volunteers helped to distribute the supplies as well as helped the elderly to register for the Covid 19 vaccination.


(above) March Prayer Gathering with the theme of Igniting Equality and in celebration of International Women's Day



Way of The Cross for this Lent Season - all eagerly and happily awaiting for Easter


Lenten outreach to the home of our eldest BEC member, Aunty Sybil D'Souza (above)





Monthly Activities

• Core Meet for core members
• Prayer Meet for families

Programme / Events for the Year

• Prayer Meets
• Feeding the Poor (PIHD)
• Outreach Programme Visit to an orphanage
• Coffee Morning
• Social / Trip
• Musical Evening for all led by the Youth
• Rosary in Homes During May and October
• Home Mass
• Christmas Celebration

Past Activities

• Youth Cookout Day
• Trip to Kalumpang 
• Retreat at Cameron Highlands
• Feeding the Poor Programme
• Rosary in homes
• PIHD Green and Environment - Helping to sort /recycle goods on First Sunday of the month.
• Togetherness walk at TTDI R. Park Drum Circle

Outreach Activities – 1 May 2020

Packet lunch contribution on 1 May 2020 at Samaritan Hope Home and Sentul Perdana Community Centre, sponsored by BEC St Emmanuel and BEC St Philip Minh of St Ignatius Church Petaling Jaya. Due to MCO, members of the BECs were not allowed to physically distribute the lunch packets. Photos credit by Sr Fatima and her team of volunteers.  


Samaritan Hope Home  


Sentul Perdana Community Centre  

Past Activities



Retreat at Cameron Highlands (above, left). Visit to orphanage in Semenyih (above, right).


Christmas @ Rumah Impian (above, left). Visit to Aquaria KLCC with Kitash Handicapped (above, right).

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