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Bethany Counselling Centre

For appointments, please call 018 311 7847 Monday to Friday (10 am - 5 pm). Click on Bethany for more information about the centre.

BEC SS24 St Matthew

BEC SS24 St Matthew was restructured on 2005. We started with 33 families. Recently we did a membership verification exercise. It recorded only 16 families remaining due to transmigration and only credible members were counted. There are 3 distinct groups ranging from active to non-active & dormant. Active members are few but they are the pillars of strength & support. The other members seemed to remain static. Yet we have hopes that one day they will make their way back to BEC again. It has always been our BEC’s commitment to work for the greater glory of God..

Core Team

Coordinator Stephen Lee 016 6918129
Secretary Francis Perera 017 6193439
Liturgy John Loh 012 2011615
Social Cecilia Then 012 2065545
Treasurer Valery Tham 016 2711623

Main Activities

Prayer gatherings and Rosary prayer (May).

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