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Bethany Counselling Centre

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BEC SS24 St Matthew & St Luke

Area of Coverage

BEC SS24 team comprises of two BECs where parishioners staying in houses under road SS24/1 to 17 is under BEC SS24 St Matthew while those from SS24/18 to 26 is BEC St Luke. We were united in 2016 when the challenge was getting two core teams as BEC have limited active members. On record, St Matthew has 26 families and St Luke 12 with around 40% being active members.

Both BECs are coordinated under the same chief and assistant with two treasurers and a home communion minister.



Before Covid 19, we conducted annual activities like Home Mass and Lenten outreach, monthly Reflection Paper, Rosary prayers once a week in May and October plus activities in church.

During Covid 19, we managed to make Lent offerings to PIHD, BEC Home Mass at SIC and having back our monthly Reflection Paper every 2nd Thursday night of the month since Jan 2021.

Below are some activities carried out by BEC SS24 over the past four years:


(above) Reflection Paper via Zoom in April 2021

becss24stsmattnluke2 becss24stsmattnluke3

(above left) BEC offerings to PIHDM during Lent 2021 & (above right) BEC Home Mass at SIC 2021


(above) BEC Reflection Paper & Rosary 2019


(above) Visit to IJ Convent Cheras in 2019


(above) BEC Home Mass 2017

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