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BEC SS1 St Stephen

BEC SS1 St Stephen was formed in 1980. Our BEC took the name of St Stephen, the first martyr of the Catholic Church, as our Patron Saint to draw courage, inspiration, strength and faithfulness to our objective to reach out to the underprivileged and marginalised of society and at the same time fulfil our role as a caring neighbourhood BEC. Originally the BEC consisted of over 100 families and in 2005 it was re-structured into two groups namely; St Stephen and St Joseph. We have 62 families in our BEC.

“There is no salvation if death is not conquered. We must all share in his victory over death,

serving & sacrificing ourselves for others.”

Area of Coverage

Our BEC covers an area approximately 1 km in radius and include the following roads:
Jalan: SS1/16B, SS1/18, SS1/19, SS1/20, SS1/21, SS1/22, SS1/23, SS1/26, SS1/27, SS1/28, SS1/30, SS1/32, SS1/34, SS1/36, SS1/37, SS1/38, SS1/39A. Lorong: SS1/19B, SS120A, SS1823B, SS1/24A

Core Team

Coordinator Max Theseira 03 7874 6426
Hon Secretary Julie Lee 012 291 0189
Asst Hon Secretary Christiana Alphonsa 012 212 7689
Hon Treasurer Lily Jeevan 012 360 5662
Committee Members Agnes Loh 012 7873 0828
John Phung 03 7876 3095
Josephine Nathan 012 606 8085
Marie Lee Scully 03 7876 3628
Mrs Juliana Lee 012 292 3397
Anthony Fernandez 019 316 0444
Mary Wong 012 289 8400


• Core and Prayer Meetings
• Aug – annual get together dinner
• Sep – visit to old folks home
• Oct – rosary & elections
• Nov – outreach programme

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