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Bethany Counselling Centre

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BEC SS1 St Joseph

Background & Area of Coverage

BEC SS 1 was one of the oldest BECs started in our parish, with a small number of families, in the early part of the year 1980. Over the years, the numbers grew rapidly to 132 families in this area to become the biggest BEC Group in our country, covering all the streets and roads from SS 1/1 right up to SS 1/43. We celebrated our 25 years Silver Jubilee on 3 April 2005, with the celebration of Eucharist Service in the old Chapel, followed by dinner gathering in one of our members house with the presence of then Archbishop Murphy Packiam. After this during our AGM in October 2005, arrangements were made to split into two groups – SS1 St Stephen and SS1 St Joseph.

BEC SS1 St Joseph was commissioned with a working committee headed by James S Devaraj on 12 April 2006. Currently, the number of families has been reduced to 47 from 58. Having gone through all the years with various activities and different CCs, the following are the office bearers working from the middle of year 2020 to make our community as a mini parish:



Our activities are limited to a minimum due to the current pandemic situation. Most of our members are senior citizens and are not comfortable using Zoom for gatherings and meetings. We continuously encourage all members to follow online Masses especially Sunday Masses, Way of the Cross, Rosary devotions and other important events. Together with some younger members including committee members, we do participate in Monthly Gatherings on Reflection Paper and other events organised by BECCOT.

Covid 19 and MCO haven’t stopped us from collecting donations from members and distributing to churches, PIHD and other groups which urgently require financial assistance.

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