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BEC Mother Teresa


BEC Tropicana Mother Teresa was formally established in April 2005. With Blessed St Mother Teresa as our beloved patron and inspiration, our Mission and Purpose is to reach out to those who have been marginalised by society whilst at the same time fulfil our role as a Parish BEC for the families in our neighbourhood. We look forward to welcoming all new families who have moved into our area to join us in sharing and giving.
  1. St Mother Teresa BEC mission continues to be serving those in need especially the poor, the marginalised and the least. Collaborating together as a united family, members will share their talent, skills, knowledge and experience in terms of the Church and the temporal world.
  2. We will adopt a few poor families to whom we offer monthly provisions and education assistance for the children. In an ad-hoc manner, we will provide household appliances or appropriate furnishings such as beds or furniture, should we notice the lack of or poor living conditions.
  3. For the marginalised and the least such as the homeless, we will provide food rations, school fees subsidies as well as cooperate with Soup kitchens to arrange street feeding programs and distribution of clothes, sandals and other personal accessories.
  4. To strengthen our BEC unity, cohesiveness and harmony among all families, appropriate events, formations, talks, team-building exercise and social gatherings are arranged regularly to gather members together and to grow in faith and our understanding of the Word.

"I see God in every human being. When I wash the leper's wounds, I feel I am nursing the Lord himself. Is it not a beautiful experience?" - Mother Teresa when interviewed in 1974.


Aman Suria Damansara || Bukit Mayang Mas || Damansara Legenda & Idaman || Dataran Prima Condominium || Tropicana TR3 to TR9.



  1. Challenges will continue to create obstacles and make things difficult for all of us whether socially, financially or emotionally. Hope will always be our support and catalyst to accomplish our Mission. Hope in the Word, Hope in our Lord Jesus saving grace and Hope in the communion of the Holy Spirit will motivate and inspire the BEC to share the Good News.
  2. Believe is the core of our Faith, the single reason for our Life. To quote, “to those who believe no explanation is needed and to those who do not, no explanation is enough”. Believing in One God- Father the Almighty and One Lord, Jesus Christ – the only begotten Son and His covenants will enable us to face the challenges positively and with determination, knowing that the Trinity will be present to guide and protect us.
  3. To Live the Lord’s way is to Give. Especially during challenging times such as the Pandemic period, many are affected – loss of employment, financial implications such as loans or debts repayment, risk of illness or health deterioration. Now is the time when those who have can support the have-nots especially those in need – homeless, marginalised and forgotten.

The BEC will continue to appeal for funds or donations so that our out-reach initiatives and feeding programs can be implemented effectively and efficiently.


  • - Every 2nd Friday of month - BEC Core Team Meeting
  • - Every 3rd Friday of month - Reflection Paper & BEC Gathering
  • - Every 4th Week of month - Family home visit
  • - Provision of monthly rations to sponsored poor or marginalised (eg. Myanmar schools)
  • - Distribution of monthly rations to adopted families (e.g. at Putra Damai)
  • - Ad hoc projects such as home improvements, pay-forward vouchers (RM5) for food, recycle lap-top / notebook for students and festive celebrations e.g. Deepavali, Christmas and New year.
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