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New RCIA Intake - Registration Open

Interested in joining the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church? Or introduce a friend to the biggest church in the world?

Do so by joining or recommending our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) programme which will start on 6 Jul 2021.

Let’s get started! Obtain the RCIA Registration Form. More information is available at RCIA.


Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs)

becgeneral2021aBasic Ecclesial Communities highlights Basic as grass root level. Ecclesial signifies the basic motivation to continue the life and mission of Christ in a group of people who are in communion with the local Church. Community refers to people who live in close proximity. This small grass root community of believers, come together as families and individuals in faith with their leaders in worship, listening prayerfully to the Word of God, reflecting and applying it to their daily lives. They have a strong sense of co-responsibility and solidarity where they share, serve and support one another in a true fellowship of faith, hope and love. These communities become a means of evangelisation and initial proclamation of the Gospel.

The Parish Priest is assisted by BECCOT and BECAT with the pastoral needs of the community.

BECCOT (BEC Coordinating Team)

becgeneral2021bThe BECCOT reports to the Parish Priest and is headed by a Coordinator elected by BEC Coordinators, approved by the Parish Priest with BEC Coordinators as team members. The objective of the BECCOT is to plan and coordinate BEC activities, and this is carried out at their monthly gatherings, especially in fulfilling the pastoral needs of the community. At each gathering, the monthly BEC Reflection Paper is shared, followed by discussion on issues faced by respective BECs. The BECCOT Coordinator attends both PPC and PCC meetings as a representative of the BEC.

BECAT (BEC Animating Team)

becgeneral2021cThe BECAT reports to the Parish Priest and is headed by a Coordinator appointed by the Parish Priest. This team is made up of three to four team members comprising the BECCOT Coordinator and language representatives. The objective of BECAT is to assist the BECCOT Coordinator in carrying out formations for BECs and moderating BEC elections. BECAT is a support team that works closely with BECCOT to support the functioning of BECs.




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