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BEC Lily of the Valley


BEC Lily of the Valley was formed around the year of 2003 with a very small handful of families from Puncak Nusa Kelana and Puncak Seri Kelana Condominiums. The families began to grow as the nucleus of this BEC and formed as the Core team working on establishing the BEC and recruiting of new members and families. There are about 30 families in our BEC, with about 30% participating and involving in the BEC and SIC church activities. We are still in the process of soliciting and reaching out to Catholic families living within the boundaries of our BEC vicinity.


The boundary of our BEC has also expanded due to the many mushrooming of the construction of new condominiums around our area. Currently, our BEC covers:

• Suria Damansara Condominium
• Kelana Idaman 
• Eve Suite Apartment
• Evolve
• Pacific Place
• Oak Suites
• Puncak Sri Kelana Condominium
• Puncak Nusa Kelana Condominium 
• Urbana Residences
• Potpourri


Currently, Jo Lee 016 338 9290 is the only home communion minister servicing our BEC.

2021 Activities (January 2021 – February 2021)

• Reflection Paper Get together / Core Meet
• Rosary Prayer Meet
• Journeying together as a community in SIC Lent Campaign 2021 / Stations of the Cross
• Reaching Out – The needy


Though today, we all living in a new norm condition due to the Covid-19 pandemic, let’s live with HOPE: BELIEVE, LIVE AND GIVE. Let us be strength of HOPE to the hopeless, the helpless and the vulnerable and let us strive to be a Word Centered community. Come and join us for those Catholics living within our BEC vicinity boundary and be in the BEC community as we are GOD’s people. Let’s live as how the early Christians lived. Let’s stay connected though social distancing is a norm and churches remain closed.


Recent Activities

Virtual Reflection Paper Gatherings & Weekly Rosary Prayers



Despite being disconnected, we preserved and kept our connection.


Past Activities

Reflection Paper Get-together




Rosary Prayer Meet



Rosary at the Grotto



Home Mass (with Fr Simon Pereira CSsR)



Birthday Celebrations



Members celebrate the birthdays of their BEC patriarchs - “Mr & Mrs Pang”


Other Community Activities

Visiting our own home-bound Aunty Agnes


 Unwind & Relax

(Line dance, movie, breakfast get together, social night out)




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