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SIC Altar Servers fellowship

By Robert Sebastian


The SIC Altar Servers fellowship was held on 21 August 2009 at the Aman Suria Clubhouse. The gathering was attended by almost 40 altar servers and their families, as well as other invited guests including our Parish Priest, Fr Philip Tan. The event, which was the second Fellowship held this year, started with a football game that both the altar servers as well as some young-at-heart fathers exhausted themselves in, while the younger children had a blast in the swimming pool. 


Altar Servers fellowship 1

It was also a perfect opportunity for parents to get to know each other better. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships were made. The ladies even exchanged recipes and ideas while laying the scrumptious food that was brought in.   

Altar Servers fellowship 2Altar Servers fellowship 3

While the boys played, Altar Server Parent Representative Anthony Sta Maria gathered the parents for a quick meeting. He thanked those present for taking time off busy schedules on a working day to attend the fellowship, He also asked parents for suggestions on activities for the Altar servers and hoped that parents would continue to bring their children for practice, meetings and more importantly on the days when they are on duty. After the boys had tired themselves out and ready to tuck in some food, Fr Philip was invited to say a few words. In his remarks, Fr Philip reminded those present of the importance of the altar servers and keeping to the duty roster. He also urged altar servers to keep the vestments clean and tidy.

Altar Servers fellowship 4Altar Servers fellowship 5

Dinner was served after a short prayer by Christopher Sebastian. The hungry boys dove into the buffet of Chinese, Indian, and Western as well as other food. A tribute to the late Michael Jackson was made in the form of a contest, participated by the families, followed by several attempts by both adults and kids to do the moon walk. Since it was a moon-less night, the attempts mostly failed. Several other adult games like “feeding the fruits” and “musical chairs” made everyone roar with laughter while the kids wondered if there was something in the food that affected only the adults.     

The altar servers band then took the stage, belting out several songs, led by lead vocal Nick Sta Maria. The evening wound down when everyone had had their fill of food and fun. On behalf of all the parents, this writer would like to thank the organising committee and all those who helped one way or another to make this fellowship a total success. 

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