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A Spiritual Bouquet for Our Lady

By Sulochini Nair
The church-inspired spiritual bouquet BEC SS3 St Catherine undertook during the last week of May 2010 was the highlight of our home rosary this year.

SIC had asked all its BECs to come up with a card-sized spiritual bouquet addressed to Our Lady to be offered at the rosary procession followed by mass that marked the end of the rosary month at the church on 31 May.

After some discussion after our rosary gatherings, members came up with these pledges:
1. To recite the rosary collectively as a community on five specified days for specific intentions/needs.
2. To fast and/or abstain from meat/alcohol as an individual sacrifice for the intention of that day.
3. To make mass offerings for each of the five intentions on the specified day from funds collected from among the BEC members. 
BEC St Catherine Bouquet 1BEC St Catherine Bouquet 2
Our general intentions were:
i) For the good health and healing of all members of St Catherine BEC, as most are senior citizens; 
ii) For spiritual guidance for all our youth in their daily tasks and goals in life; 
iii) For spiritual guidance for all our members/families to become more active participants in BEC activities; 
iv) A general intention that we in Malaysia be blessed to worship and perpetuate our faith without restriction/barriers; and
v) For the Pope to be guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit to resolve and bring to closure the current crisis within the Catholic Church so that the world will know that the Light of Christ is still in the Church.

Those of us who followed the weekday rosary were very uplifted by these prayers and supplications. In addition, we also prayed a prayer for priests at the end of the rosary daily as a fitting end to the Year of the Priests. 

Besides our personal intentions, we also offered our prayers for the soul of our member Anne Lester, who was called back to the Lord on 25 May. We remember how glad Anne always was to have us in her home although she was too unwell to join us in the prayers. May her soul rest in peace. 
BEC St Catherine Bouquet 3BEC St Catherine Bouquet 4
We had a small potluck fellowship on 28 May to end our BEC-level home rosary. Members also joined the church-level rosary celebration on 31 May. Salathamary led one decade which was recited in Tamil.

Filling up the rosary calendar is often a daunting task for core team members but Mother Mary was surely with me as I found it so easy to get our members to open their homes and host the prayers. A big hand to all those who agreed, and to those who did not have a chance in May, there is always the October rosary month to look forward to. God bless you all!
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