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Sunday School Calendar 2018

The SIC Sunday School Calendar for 2018 is now available online. To view, click here or access it via the Sunday school webpage

Parish Integral Human Development (PIHD)

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a channel to propagate the good news of the gospels. We shall reach out to lessen the difficulties faced by the poor, the needy, the sick, and the lonely, and be involved in activities and projects that contribute to the holistic development of persons and groups.

Hallmarks of SIC-PIHD

  1. Our commitment to integrate human development means that our initiatives are not limited to catering only to the physical needs of those who seek our help but emphasis is also given to sustainable social, emotional and spiritual development.
  2. The social awareness and justice issues which are emphasized by the teachings of our Church form the core principles that drive our choice of projects.
  3. We are committed to collaborating with other ministries, parish groups and BEC s of our Church in projects that are in line with our Mission.

Main Activities

  1. Care-giving programme for the Poor – Focus in urban poor in Putra Damai. Adoption programme for the poor families in their basic needs, and promotion of self-help activities to the families. Organise weekly free meal feeding programme for the poor families every Saturday.
  2. Free tuition to the needy students in Primary 5, 6 and Form 1 every Sunday.
  3. Special Needs Learning Porgramme for the needy is held twice a week.
  4. Migrant outreach activities.
  5. Managing the Thrift Shoppe to raise funds for our activities and programmes.
Chief Coordinator
Michael Toh
012-412 3012
Deputy Chief Coordinator &
Coordinator of Women’s Desk
Cheryl Ngiam
012-207 8847
Genny Chan
019-270 7479
Vincent Raj
012-203 0566
Representative of Parish Chinese Coordinating
Valentine Loh
012-217 1778
Coordinator of Care-giving Programmes
Nicholas Choong
019-222 7232
Acting Coordinator of Education (including Children
Learning Centre)
Michael Toh
012-412 3012 
Administrator - Education
Santa Clara
Administrator / Coordinator of Project Green
and Thrift Shoppe
Peter Chan
019-855 4888
Admin Asst / Newsletter Editor Elizabeth Yam 012-221 0986
Youth Ministry Representative
Odelia Benita Hippolyte
012-904 3780

PIHDM Office

Peter Chan 019-955 4888
Elizabeth Yam 012-221 0986
PIHDM Office 03-7804 7406 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Office Hours 9 am - 5 pm (Mon to Fri)
9 am - 12.30 pm (Sat)


PIHD publishes a half-yearly newsletter. Click here to read the latest issue. 

How you can contribute

The PIHD is currently in need of some computers in good-condition to introduce computer learning programme to the school children. We also need volunteers to teach English to the children of poor families on Saturdays. Please contact the Coordinator for more information.

We accept donations to fund our programmes for the poor. Contributions/donations can be submitted to the Parish Office, attentioned the Coordinator of the PIHD. All cheques should be made payable to “SIC-PIHDM“.


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