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Pls note that there is no publication of the SIC Church Bulletin and Mass Intentions until further notice.

Snapshot of An Active BEC

Featured below is the front page of The Vineyard which is the quarterly newsletter of BEC Damansara Utama Holy Family. BEC Coordinator Pat Lim’s address to her BEC members highlights events & gatherings organised by an active BEC in St Ignatius Church (SIC). It encapsulates the possibilities that could be achieved by a diverse group of parishioners coming together to build up their ‘home church’ & for the greater glory of God. Amongst the qualities required for a thriving BEC are – give & take attitude; prioritising group above self; leadership; sacrifice (time, effort, resources); forgiveness; compassion; clear communication.



Click on BEC DU Holy Family for more information. BECs are most welcome to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it articles about events or happenings (hopefully with photos) to share with our parish community via the church website.


BEC Trip to Sky Mirror



A trip to Sky Mirror in Kuala Selangor was organised by our BEC Damansara Utama Holy Family on Saturday 29 June 2019. A total of 33 persons, including relatives and friends of BEC members made the trip. Everybody was asked to come dressed in colourful clothes in order to get the best reflections at the Sky Mirror. A contest for the most colourfully dressed persons was organised to put everyone in the mood. On the morning of the trip, everyone gathered at the bus stop in front of Cathryn’s and May’s beauty salon in high spirits, as early as 4.30 am. Unfortunately, the bus arrived more than half an hour late. Anyway, it didn’t take long to reach ‘Jeti Pekan Lama, Kuala Selangor’. We waited for our turn. Then, we put on our life jackets and proceeded to the two boats to take us to our destination. The boat ride into the sea took almost half an hour.


As we approached the shallow waters, we saw a myriad of colours in the distance as many people were there before us. We got out of our boats and followed our guides to our spots to get ready for the photo shoot. While the guides were busy preparing for the shoot, everyone took photos of their colourful reflections in various poses. The guides then took more group and individual pictures as well. When everyone was satisfied, we got back to our boats and headed back to the main land. On the bus to the next destination, everybody voted for the most colourfully dressed persons. Lana came out 1st, followed by Laura and Winnie.


Next on the itinerary was mass at the Chapel of Holy Infant Jesus, Kuala Selangor. When we arrived there, the care taker Anthony, briefed us on the history of the chapel. Fr VA Michael kindly consented to celebrate mass for us even though he had a very tight schedule. At the end of mass he recited healing prayers. He revealed that it was his birthday that day and we all sang him the birthday song. By now, everybody was very hungry. We proceeded to the restaurant and were treated to a very sumptuous lunch. After lunch, many of us visited the shops nearby to buy dried fish, prawns, biscuits etc.


Soon it was time for dinner. We were taken to ’Want to Eat Restaurant’ where we were served the seafood platter. A wide variety of seafood was served on a huge dish. Lastly, a cake was brought out to celebrate Irene’s birthday. Juliana Tan organised the whole trip with the help of Cathryn, May, Pat and others. Many thanks to Juliana for giving us the opportunity to visit Sky Mirror and the other places in Kuala Selangor. Everybody had fun and there was great fellowship among all who went. We arrived back safely in Damansara Utama about 9 pm.


Family Healing Workshop


A workshop for the healing of families held for the first time at St Ignatius Church (SIC) attracted a combined total of 500 participants. Held at SIC Costantini Centre from 7 to 9 September 2019, 240 participants attended the English session at the Rooftop whilst 260 participants were at the Mandarin session on the second floor. The sessions were conducted by a service team comprising 30 members of the Emmaus Servant Community (ESC), Blessed Sacrament Church, Kuching, Sarawak, & 11 friends of ESC from the local community. SIC Parish Coordinating Council (PCC) & ESC were the joint organisers.




As families are beset with problems of various types at different times, participants at the workshop learnt how to be healed of issues ranging from unforgiveness to unhealthy relationships to involvement in the occult. Catholics can pray on their own to overcome some of their problems but the workshop helped them utilise more effectively the tools God blessed them with by virtue of their baptism. As participants found the event beneficial & insightful, they encouraged Emmaus Servant Community to return to SIC to conduct further sessions in the near future.




More photos taken by the Parish Communication Team (PCT) are available for viewing & downloading atparishlife


Season of Creation 2019



In conjunction with this year's Season of Creation which will be celebrated from 1 September to 4 October 2019, the Vatican and the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur encourage parishioners to pray & act in unison to protect our planet Earth and common environment. Click on Creation and Love for Creation for more information & ideas to celebrate this initiative themed The Web of Life.  


Infant Baptism - July 2019





Click on Infant Baptism to know more. More photos taken by the Parish Communication Team (PCT) are available for viewing & downloading atparishlife

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