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RCIA Enquirers @ Mid Autumn Festival


by Christine Chua, RCIA Facilitator

A team of 15 RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) Class of 2017-18 enquirers courageously said "Yes!" when the church asked for volunteers to set up food stalls for the Mid Autumn Festival. The event was held at the St Ignatius Church (SIC) covered car park on Saturday 7 October 2017 from 7.45 to 10.30 pm. Despite not having much experience of serving in church, they took on the challenge to set up two stalls and had them decorated in unconventional designs constructed with much effort and creativity. The team put their diverse talents in cooking, decorating, designing, drawing, assembling & serving to good use but most importantly outwardly demonstrate their love for the SIC community.


Their food stalls received lots of attention from our parishioners for the colour and warmth. The enquirers enthusiastically served their prepared candy floss and kacang kuda (steamed chick peas) with big smiles and much enthusiasm. Although they didn't win any prizes for the best-decorated stall competition, all had a great time bonding in the spirit of team work & cooperation. Hopefully they have won the hearts of our community!




Special Baptism & First Holy Communion


Three boys and three girls – including three siblings – were baptised into the Catholic Church on Sunday 1 October 2017. Three of them then joined five others to receive their First Holy Communion (FHC) at the 6 pm Mass. This group comprised children who attended catechism class under the special programme conducted by the St Ignatius Church (SIC) Sunday school and their siblings. SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD was the celebrant at the baptism rite which began at 4.45 pm and gave them their First Holy Communion witnessed by parents, godparents and friends.


On being asked as to how she felt, Gwendolyn Lim (one of the siblings who was baptised & received her FHC) had a short & sweet response: Good! It was certainly a memorable day for the Lim family as besides Gwendolyn, her brothers Jayden and Aaron were also baptised just a few months after their father Jonathan was received into the Church during the Easter Vigil. 



Earlier on at the 11.15 am Mandarin Mass, 17 girls and six boys received First Holy Communion from Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng CDD who was the main celebrant and Fr Andrew. Fr Thomas Koo CDD and Fr Andrew were the concelebrants.



Photography: John Ragai, Matthew Soo & Peter Law

Welcome to the family of God and congratulations to all who received the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus for the first time

Click on Sunday School for more information on classes and activities to prepare children for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. More photos are being processed & uploaded to flickrlogo


RCIA Bonding 2017


by Shaun On, RCIA Facilitator

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Class of 2017-18 journey held its bonding event on Saturday 23 September at Tadika Villamaria Good Shepherd, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur. The session started with the entire enthusiastic team singing praises to the Lord at 9 am. The event then kicked off with an ice breaking game, where the candidates began to really "know one another" well after three months of attending RCIA. Bonding games brought together the spirit of relating activities with God's presence where each sub-group used crayons to draw pictures of nature with love and community life.


Group capability in creativity and coordination were the main features in revealing God's gift given to the participants. Much laughter were heard when the group enacted Gospel parables, delivering the message of God's mercy and love. There were many hidden talents in action play. The programme ended by afternoon, and all acknowledged that the time was well spent, achieving the objective set by the RCIA team – to know your neighbour.




Church Renovation Cleaning in Full Swing


At possibly the mid-point of renovations at St Ignatius Church, the biggest group of volunteer cleaners so far turned up from 7 pm on Friday 22 Sep to wipe, sweep and mop dust covering pews, chairs, tables and other furniture/fittings & equipment. The group comprise a broad cross-section of parishioners ranging from children to senior citizens. Amongst them are teenagers & young adults from the Mandarin Legion of Mary group.


A big effort was needed as there were more dust and dirt this time around due to the replacement of electrical wiring above ceiling boards & installation of new lights at the church entrance. Parishioners continued sweeping & mopping this area as well as the communion ministers’ room & priest changing room (old SIC office) till 10 pm. The altar has a new design wrapped in shining gold colour whilst the new tabernacle is placed right in the middle behind the altar.


More photos can be viewed & downloaded at flickrlogo


Final Profession of Sr Angeline Poh FMM


"I send you forth to mission Christ in...Malaysia!" With these words of commission from her Provincial Superior Sr Susan Thomas, Sr Angeline Poh of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) finally knew whereto she has been Called by LOVE to Love. This was the theme of the Eucharistic Celebration on occasion of the perpetual profession of Sr Angeline held at St Ignatius Church (SIC) on 17 September 2017 at 6 pm. Ready to be sent anywhere in the world especially where Christ is least known, Sr Angeline would have been as delighted to be sent elsewhere. His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow was the main celebrant with SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD, SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng CDD, Fr Francis Ng CDD, Fr Alvin Ho SJ (Assistant Parish Priest, Church of St Francis Xavier, Petaling Jaya), Fr Paul Cheong OFM Cap, Fr Christopher Soosaipillai (Parish Priest, Church of the Good Shepherd, Setapak), Fr Norris Seenivasan SJ and Fr Mark Tee (Montfort Boys Town) as concelebrants. 



SIC parishioners in attendance observed the proceedings in rapt attention as it was a rare occasion – the last perpetual profession took place at SIC more than two decades ago. The Ceremony of Perpetual Profession involved Sr Angeline making her vows of poverty, obedience & chastity; pronouncement of perpetual vows; receiving a candle & ring as a sign of consecration to Christ; solemn blessing by Archbishop Julian; and affirmation of acceptance by FMM Sisters and the church. Sr Angeline then signed the documents of profession with the Archbishop and her Provincial Superior as witnesses. The final profession of a Franciscan Missionary of Mary is a very significant moment in the life of a sister as she is totally consecrated to God for the purpose of building up His Kingdom.



Towards the end of Mass, Sr Angeline received a lighted candle symbolising the light of Christ and a missionary crucifix to remind her of her promise to follow Christ in his mission of salvation. She then gave a short account of her life journey and thanked the people who have helped her to this momentous milestone in her life. A fellowship dinner was held at the Rooftop of the Costantini Community Centre after Mass to celebrate this joyous occasion attended by priests, religious, parishioners, well-wishers and Sr Angeline's family members & friends. SIC is proud to have hosted this event and wish Sr Angeline every success in her endeavours ahead.



Photography: John Ragai & Daniel Khong

Watch the entire event by clicking on videoMore photos are available at flickrlogo

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