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St Ignatius Church has issued an advisory on donations & Mass offerings which could be made online during this MCO period when the church office is closed. 

Pongal Festival






More photos taken by the Parish Communication Team (PCT) are available for viewing & downloading (preferably using pc or laptop) at parishlife


SIC Says 'NO' to Single-Use Items


by Sharon Woo & Pollyanna George Joseph (PIHDM Green Team)

“Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it.” - Genesis 2:15

Answering this Christian call and Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment titled “Laudato Si – On Care for Our Common Home”, the St Ignatius Church (SIC) Parish Integral Human Development Ministry (PIHDM) Green Team was inspired to build an “Upcycled Christmas Tree”. With a month to Christmas, the team took on a mammoth task to put together a Christmas tree made from 100% recycled materials.


This included first obtaining the blessings of SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD, collecting recyclable materials from SIC parishioners, designing and crafting the tree’s decorations and garnering other support needed. After many tireless days and nights, the strong support of key ministries and volunteer parishioners, we successfully managed to build a beautiful upcycled Christmas tree and a mixed-media Nativity scene positioned at the church entrance.

A video on the “Upcycled Christmas Tree” project and its objective was played during weekend Masses (English and Mandarin) and continuous efforts will be made to strengthen the spirit of “Caring for Our Common Home” amongst the SIC family. Special thanks to the Green Team members; Vincent Raj (who is also PIHDM Coordinator) and Jenny Seow who were instrumental in making the project a reality & getting the tree ready on time!


Appreciation Fellowship 2019


Parishioners of St Ignatius Church (SIC) packed the Rooftop of Costantini Centre for its Appreciation Fellowship held from 7.30 pm on Saturday 28 December 2019. SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD thanked parishioners who gave their time and effort in serving in ministries & BECs (Basic Ecclesial Communities) for the greater glory of God.



Fr Andrew stressed the importance of serving with love, as serving without love is meaningless in the eyes of God. As disciples of the Lord, parishioners were reminded to always be clothed with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness & patience – serving with selfless love, sacrifice & obedience.




Appreciation certificates were presented to pastoral & coordinating councils, ministries & BECs of English- & Mandarin-speaking communities, as well as the Bahasa Malaysia- & Tamil-speaking groups for their roles in building up the Body of Christ in the Church of St Ignatius.



Parishioners of various ages put up various song and dance items to entertain the audience. In line with the theme of Wild Wild West, many come dressed up their cowboy, cowgirl & native American Indian outfits with the best dressed getting rewarded for their efforts.



Quite a number of parishioners had Lady Luck smiling on them as they went home with lucky draw prizes. An extremely lucky parishioner won the grand prize of a 49-inch Full HD Colour TV. Also present at the event were Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng CDD & Fr Lucas Ng CDD (Provincial, CDD priests in Malaysia).


More photos taken by the Parish Communication Team (PCT) are being processed and made available for viewing & downloading (preferably using pc or laptop) atparishlife


Gotong Royong 2019


Blessed with the sun up early and fine weather till noon on Wednesday 11 December 2019, this year's cleaning of the church building and its surrounding compound went smoothly. Earlier on starting at 7 am, parishioners had a hearty breakfast comprising nasi lemak and beverages followed by a briefing at 7.30 am. At 7.45 am, the task began in earnest.


Bringing their own cleaning utensils and tools, some 200 parishioners went about cleaning the pews, kneelers, floor, fans, tables and other furniture inside the building, as well as rubbish, leaves & dirty areas within the church compound. The most tedious tasks entailed cleaning ceiling fans & chairs, drains clogged with mud, small plants & algae; scraping wax; and pulling weeds from the pavement.



This year's big turnout – ranging from young children to senior citizens – to help clean SIC in preparation for Christmas was most encouraging. Apart from bonding as a community, the event helped foster new friendships and a greater sense of belonging for our beloved parish. SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng CDD also joined parishioners in this annual cleaning exercise.



More regularly, parishioners can join a small group of volunteers who turn up on Friday mornings to sweep & mop the church's sanctuary, ground floor, foyer, priests' changing room, communion minister room, steps at entrances and ramps.



More photos taken by the Parish Communication Team (PCT) are available for viewing & downloading (preferably using pc or laptop instead of phone/tablet) at parishlife


SIC Parish Assembly 2019


This year's Parish Assembly (PA) held on Saturday 16 November 2019 at St Ignatius Church (SIC) started off with enthronement and reading of the Bible, and an opening prayer. First up on the programme was presentation of the Finance Report by Edward Sta Maria (Chairman, Parish Finance Committee) who addressed several enquiries. Attendees then gave a warm welcome to His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow and Monsignor Mitchel Joseph [Vicar-General, Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur; Ecclesiastical Assistant, Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute (API); Parish Priest, Church of St Anne, Port Klang] as they entered the Rooftop venue. Roeshan Gomez and Patricia Yeap acted as Co-Masters of Ceremony at the event attended by 200 parishioners.


In his welcome address, SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD expressed his appreciation to the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), leaders of ministries & BECs (Basic Ecclesial Communities), and parishioners for making available their time, talents, efforts & resources in organising more than 20 formation programmes focusing on the family, youths and BECs. Fr Andrew also mentioned the fruits of such programmes which include restoration of broken relationships, reconciliation amongst parents and children, and healing of the sick. Communal prayers together with the sharing & witnessing of Christ’s love and mercy in BECs are transforming lives every day.



Lourdes Abishegam [Chairman, Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)] then presented an evaluation of the 2018-2019 Parish Plan in the areas of BECs, Family Life & Youth clusters. Anthony Beh [Chairman, BEC Coordinating Team (Mandarin)], Alan Yong and Joseph Too (members of Parish Chinese Apostolate) presented an evaluation of the 2018-2019 Parish Plan in the same three areas for the Mandarin-speaking community.


Next to take the floor is a team from API comprising Msgr Mitchel, Rita Krishnan and Spencer Klumai. Msgr Mitchel shared that all parishes in the Archdiocese have more or less the same areas of concern articulated at a gathering at the Church of the Holy Family, Kajang, in 2016 attended by more than 600 leaders of various churches. Parishes are currently working towards addressing these concerns. Different parishes have different burning issues which needs prioritisation.


The API team proposed four broad categories for discussion: Relationship, Mission Outreach, Unity & Social Media. Attendees proceeded to form small groups to discuss & determine which of the categories is the burning issue in SIC. After several groups presented their selections, Msgr Mitchel revealed that out of 24 groups, 16 chose Relationship, four chose Outreach, two each chose Unity and Social Media respectively. Hence Relationship is the burning issue in SIC. The findings will be handed to Fr Andrew to assist him in prioritising certain events for SIC.


In his address, Archbishop Julian reminded that the youths of today will determine the future of Malaysia. He also reminded that parents are not only the first educators of their children’s faith, without them their children are unable go to church. To help parents be parents and to prepare the young, Archbishop Julian stressed the important role of CMPC (Catholic Marriage Preparation Course). Education is important but there must be a balance between academic excellence and spiritual nourishment. He also cautioned parents to be alert to their children’s overdependence on smartphones as their relationship with God and parents could be undermined.


The event ended with a closing prayer by Roeshan and a blessing by Archbishop Julian, Msgr Mitchel, Fr Andrew & Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng CDD.


A Parish Planning & Review Workshop was held earlier on 28 September 2019 to assist the PPC in reviewing the Parish Plan; and explore how SIC could be more dynamic and responsive to the pastoral needs of BECs, the demands of Family Life & enhance the contribution of Youths. Feedback obtained were compiled & included in the Evaluation of Parish Plan presented at the Parish Assembly. Participants also took part in a para-liturgy for Extraordinary Missionary Year led by Fr Andrew.



More photos taken by the Parish Communication Team (PCT) are available for viewing & downloading (preferably using pc or laptop instead of phone/tablet) at parishlife


Infant Baptism - Nov 2019






Click on Infant Baptism for more information. More photos taken by the Parish Communication Team (PCT) are available for viewing & downloading atparishlife

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