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Pendaftaran RCIA Bahasa Malaysia

Bermula pada bulan Februari, pendaftaran boleh di buat selepas Misa Bahasa Inggeris jam 6 petang (sunset Mass), 8.45 pagi dan 6 petang setiap minggu di hadapan pintu gereja atau sms/whatsapp Puan Mary 016 285 1873 untuk pendaftaran.

SSS Completes Another Module


Forty two participants received certificates for attending at least four out of five sessions of A Biblical Walk Through the Mass: Understanding What We Say & Do in the Liturgy module which ended on 27 November 2017. Conducted by SIC Scripture Study (SSS) over five sessions, the study was also attended by six SSS facilitators and led by 12 other facilitators. During each session, attendees watched a video presentation by theologian, author & scholar Dr Edward Sri followed by group sharing which lasted for slightly over an hour each time.


There was a good mix of parishioners from the newly-baptised to mature Catholics for this module which is the shortest conducted by SSS. Amongst other aspects, attendees learnt the biblical background to the words, prayers & gestures experienced in the Liturgy and discovered how the Mass is a ‘true re-presentation’ of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice on the Cross. This marked the second time the module was conducted, the first time was in 2015.



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