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BEC Reflection Paper

For the month of July, we are encouraged to reflect on the theme Hope: I Become All Things In Christ at our BEC gatherings. Click on Reflection Paper for the information in four languages.

SIC Parish Assembly 2017


This year's Parish Assembly (PA) held on Saturday 18 Nov, as mentioned by St Ignatius Church (SIC) Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD in his welcome speech, will be Archdiocese-led which is a departure from last year. Starting at 1 pm with enthronement and reading of the Bible and an opening prayer, SIC Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) Chairman Lourdes Abishegam welcomed Monsignor Mitchel Joseph [Vicar-General, Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur; Director, Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute (API) & Parish Priest, Church of the Assumption] to the gathering. Monsignor Mitchel explained that the concerns which will be tabled for discussion were raised by leaders of the diocese who gathered at Holy Family Church, Kajang, before the Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Convention (PMPC) IV in 2016. Monsignor Mitchel then highlighted the main thrusts of Aggiornamento 1976 and the last three PMPC gatherings. Going forward in the next five years, he encouraged all ministries to be guided by the spirit of Creativity, Inclusivity and Bridge Building which were the desired qualities emanating from PMPC IV.



API member David Nathan took the floor to provide further insights into PMPC IV by revealing details on participation, feedback received and the eight clusters (each with three areas of concern) formulated into the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocesan Five Year Plan (2017-2022). Attendees comprising the English-, Mandarin- & Bahasa Malaysia-speaking communities broke into groups to discuss the concerns and suggested action plans for SIC. Various suggestions were presented to resolve concerns in the areas of Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs), Family Life, Formation, Integral Human Development, Inter Religious Dialogue, Social Communication, Unity and Youth. Monsignor Mitchel suggested that instead of tackling all 24 areas of concern in a five-year period, it would be more practical to address two per year in light of many other church events & activities which need to be organised.



The PA programme continued with an address by His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow who asked parishioners to discern what God is asking each of them to do for SIC individually and as a church community. Despite the big enrolment in SIC's RCIA programme this year, he encouraged parishioners to look after each other as there are also those who are leaving or have left the church. He also appealed to each person present to play their role in their work places, BECs & neighbourhoods and the younger generation to consider a teaching career in mission schools so that they will continue to be relevant by having Christian headmasters & other senior appointments. SIC has booked 100 copies of a booklet titled Called To Teach for those interested in this noble profession.



The Parish Finance Report by Edward Sta Maria (Chairman, Parish Finance Committee) was projected and a Question & Answer session ensued where all queries were addressed. The Parish Assembly ended at 4.30 pm with a closing prayer by Sharma Rajadurai (Vice-Chairman, PPC) and a blessing from Archbishop Julian. Also in attendance were Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng CDD and Br Joseph Lim CDD. Raymond Hoo translated seamlessly into Mandarin while Rita Krishnan (Secretary, PPC) acted as Master of Ceremony at the event attended by 250 parishioners and held for the first time at the Rooftop of Costantini Community Centre.

More photos are available at flickrlogo.

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