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Mass Announcements: 16-20 July

Please note that there will be no Masses (including Funerals) from 16 July (Mon) to 20 July (Fri).

RCIA Prepares for Christmas


by Agnes Loh, RCIA Coordinator 

St Ignatius Church (SIC) Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) catechumens ended the year with a blast on their last session for the year. They were treated to the antics of 'Hollywood wannabes' (i.e. facilitators playing biblical characters) doing a sketch on the true meaning of Christmas. The intention of the play was to remind all to prepare in their hearts for the coming of Jesus our Emmanuel.



This year was special indeed as a team of catechumens took charge in decorating the venue with Christmas trees and lights as a giving and loving gesture to reciprocate their facilitators’ caring & sharing during the past months of their journey. Sweets were neatly wrapped for exchange among themselves as they wish each other a very 'sweet' year ahead. All who were there for the occasion also had much fun with games such as stacking paper cups – such a joy to witness & participate in.


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