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RCIA 2019-2020 Class Bonding



Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Class of 2019-2020 inquirers and facilitators gathered at Tadika Villamaria Good Shepherd, Bukit Damansara, on Saturday 21 September 2019 with the objective to know one another better. A few games were organised at the event where all participants are required to have coordinating effort to give originality and synchronising results. On top of this, the goal of Laudato Si or On Care for Our Common Home (title of Pope Francis’ encyclical on caring for the environment) was emphasised.



During the ice-breaking game, participants shared how they viewed the use of plastic bags and drinking straws be eliminated for the betterment of future environmental growth. However, many admitted that it would be so difficult to leave the mobile phones unattended for a day. Each individual team sketched drawings on the love of God’s creation beautifully. All were able to relate how God’s promotion of creation and relationship with human kind shall continue to shine with Love and Care of Nature.



Applause and laughter continued when individual teams performed in an ad hoc dance competition and re-enactment of Gospel passages. Two participants from RCIA Bahasa also shared their involvement in the faith journey. The entire group completed the programme with a better understanding of community & unity, and how Jesus has taught everyone to love and serve.



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