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New RCIA Intake

Interested in joining the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church? Or introduce a friend to the biggest church in the world?

Do so by joining or recommending our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) programme which will start from Tuesday 4 July 2017.

A copy of the RCIA Application Form is available here. Please click on RCIA for more information.

Testimonies of Our New Catholics


It was a calling and a blessing, which would be how I would describe my journey in Christ and in St Ignatius Church RCIA. The initial thought of the nine-month course can be overwhelming, but it just glided away smoothly as we had enjoyable weekly sessions that helped us to grow stronger spiritually. The opportunity to serve the less fortunate with numerous community services was remarkable. Receiving my first communion at the Easter Vigil was an emotional moment for me as I embarked on a new life with God witnessed by my newly extended family in the Catholic faith. The beautiful part of RCIA is that it allows you to learn, bond, laugh and brings you closer to God. There is still a lot to learn and experience in this journey of faith, but I am contented in my heart knowing that Jesus is walking with me! – Alfred Raphael Lim Aik Sunn



I was brought up in a Buddhist/Taoist family but married a Catholic. For a long time I only had a vague understanding of Christianity. Things gradually changed over time after my marriage and especially when I started to accompany my wife and her family to St Michael’s Church in Ipoh. On one occasion, that I vividly recall, we went to Bukit Mertajam to attend the annual festival at St Anne’s Church. Here I witnessed many devotees acting as beggars within the church compound, and handing over anything collected to the church. This was their way of repaying their debts for prayers answered back to the Lord, Mother Mary and Saint Anne. Seeing is believing - and as my wife’s family advised, I prayed for the first time to Lord Jesus, as well as to Mother Mary and Saint Anne for their intercession. We asked for their mercy and prayed to welcome a baby in our family as we were experiencing many challenges at that time. We persevered in our prayers nonetheless and today our beautiful daughter is already 8 years old and this is the most precious gift in our life. Throughout these 16 years the Lord has repeatedly responded to my prayers, and has waited patiently for me to enter his church.  After 8 months of an amazing journey in RCIA followed by my baptism at the Easter Vigil 2017, I can now pat my chest and shout out loud…I am chosen! (“You did not choose me, but I chose you” - John 15:16). I am very thankful to have the Lord in my life. I shall always remember this day for the rest of my life. – Dominic Aw



For the past several years I have attended weekend Masses at SIC with my Catholic employers, and looking after their two young children. Last year, my employers encouraged me to attend the English RCIA at SIC. My English is limited but because of my Protestant Christian background, I was able to follow most of the lessons and discussions. I had the advantage of being able to discuss the lessons with my housemate (also attending the RCIA). I am grateful to my employers who also took the time to explain the faith to both of us and took us along when visiting other churches including St Anne. My parents had no objections to my conversion to the Catholic faith. I enjoyed the various RCIA outings and have helped in several coffee mornings. The community and family aspects of the faith in worship and other activities has given me a tremendous sense of belonging to the family of Jesus Christ. – Doly Marianna Beis



Several members of my family are Catholics while others are Buddhist, and I happened to be brought up as a Buddhist. I had no great desire to become a Catholic all these years. About two years ago however, I had to deal with a difficult health problem, and my godmother advised me to seek comfort in prayer in the church. That eventually brought me to the RCIA last year. I was disappointed that I did not seem to experience the kinds of emotions that affected many others during the RCIA journey. The journey however, has been a very rewarding experience in many ways. Prayer has been a great comfort, and I can sense the Holy Spirit working in my life. I was really happy that I became the ‘last person in my father’s family’ to be baptised! – Elizabeth Wong Leng Yin


Way back before RCIA, I had known Christ through a background of Catholic upbringing by my Catholic parents. I was from a Catholic family instilled with Catholic values, but I was not one. It is just that He was present in my life but always at a remote distance. What changed this was one day, I fell into bad health and I wanted to end my life. But as faith had it, I sensed and heard His voice telling me to stop and that life was God given, that I had no right to take my own life away. I felt set free, a new lease of life given to me. Later I recovered from my illness but lost out in my career advancement - my career life was not smooth, facing many challenges at work made me fear and dislike people and I feared my own failure!

RCIA begun as a distraction to take away the stress of a failing career but it wasn't hard to find myself getting closer to Christ during this time of my journey. What struck me most at the first RCIA class was a picture of Christ Jesus the Lord knocking on the door asking to be let in - no insistence no bearing, but a polite knock. I felt intensely connected to this picture for unknown reasons. As class by class went by, and the teachings and guidance in Christ and the faith grew, it became natural to continue attending class regularly. It was like He was testing my patience and my belief in His timing to provide me a next career opportunity via trust guidance and support through RCIA. Many people even offered help along the way. Sister Pat, for example, linked me to a part time teaching role teaching an underprivileged boy. This gave me something to do and while it was frustrating to wait it out for the next career chance, it gave me a sense of helping and gratefulness for the time and distraction provided by teaching children. One good moment in RCIA was watching the movie The Fourth Wise Man - it showed what it is like to be living by Christ’s ways and doing His work as a testament to reaching fulfilment. Indeed when He closes a door, somewhere He opens a window!

rciatestimony5One day, I asked my group leader: if a good person believes in Christ but does not become a Catholic, can this person not go to heaven? The reply I got was a very reasonable: "What is the reason for not embracing the Faith?" This got me thinking, I could only think of my fear of making a commitment to God which I cannot fulfil and my fear of failure. The rest is history. Today I am a Catholic and while I do not yet fully understand many things God had put past me and what He has in mind for me, I believe that the journey in RCIA, made meaningful and enriching by the guidance and support of all including facilitators and fellow seekers in Christ, has given me a new life. As a person, I am more calm, less anxious, tranquil and steady in my thoughts and doubts. All because I know the sanctity and sanctuary I recognise in His embrace and love for me. This is also why I want to share this story - that someday someone out there who finds herself fallen, lost and feeling fearful can find hope in this journey of faith. The Lord is truly my shepherd, and I shall not want... for gone is my fear in my failures, guilt, shame and pride. – Melissa Magdalene Khoo Sui Ping 


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