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St Ignatius Church has issued an advisory on donations & Mass offerings which could be made online during this MCO period when the church office is closed. 

Encountering the Lord through BEC Visit



I would like to share my joy as the result of a recent visit to the Taman Megah Handicapped & Disabled Children’s Home organised by seven BECs (Basic Ecclesial Communities) of St Ignatius Church. What I saw moved and comforted me. I saw how each one of us in a community of communal love gathered together in one body of Christ (each one of us in our little acts of love and generosity) brought so much joy to the children that some of them invited us back.



And they looked forward to our next visit. As we sing and dance, giving praise and thanking the Lord & through hugs and touch, the children felt the Lord’s love and joy in us. We could see this expressed on their faces as they smile and laugh & felt our love and joy in being with them.


One of the ways Catholics evangelise the world is by sharing our lives and love for Christ. We received God’s spirit through baptism and His graces in the sacraments, & we bring Christ to others. As we share the spirit of love, peace & joy that dwells within us, I saw how happy the children were with our presence – the joy in the children’s hearts enamoured Christ’s joy into my heart.


We hope that we can continue to be disciples of Christ by helping children in need, especially those with disabilities, to experience the love of God. Glory to the Holy Trinity. Amen.

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