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BEC Reflection Paper

For the month of September, we are encouraged to reflect on the theme Hope: Transforming Self at our BEC gatherings. Click on Reflection Paper for the information in four languages.

FLM Singers

Formed in the 1st quarter of 2016 under the umbrella of SIC Family Life Ministry (FLM), the FLM Singers’ membership comprises parishioners and friends from all age groups with a common love of music and singing.

Mission & Objectives

1. Bring together and build friendship amongst parishioners, their families and friends.

2. Bring cheer to the needy and disadvantaged through performances in nursing homes, old folks’ homes, orphanages and such places.

3. Raise funds for parish causes and selected charities.

Activities are planned and coordinated by the bi-annually elected Core Team members.

Francis Chong
012 3661223
Asst. Coordinator
Mary Chong
012 2361180
Michael Tan
017 9621228
Tay Pek Choo
012 3790116
Matthew Chia
012 3868728
Musical Director
Alice Sai
019 2180393
Asst. Musical Director
Mindy Chia
017 2072442
FLM Coordinator
Shelagh Nunis
012 2169397
Asst. Coordinator
Michael Lip
019 2225660
Gina Lee
012 3869332


Practices are scheduled for every Tuesday at 8 pm and additional sessions may be included when necessary. 

The Core Team meetings are held at least once bi-monthly.

FLM Singers support and participate in activities or formations organised by FLM. 

Programme for 2017

Feb 18
May 20
FLM Singer’s Easter Party
Aug 26
Dec 02-17
Carolling cum Outreach

Activities Carried Out in 2016

Sang at the dinner organised by FLM to honour Fr. Lucas’ departure from SIC after 5 years as the Parish priest.

Carolling - We did a total of 16 gigs (outreach and commercial) from 26th November to 19th December. Outreach gigs include Assunta & Selayang Hospital, NASAM (National Stroke Association, M’sia) and I.J. Convent, Cheras. 

Commercial gigs included BMW, Tropicana Golf Club, Jaya One Mall, 1 Utama and Astro HQ; payments and love offerings were collected to help finance our charity/outreach activities for 2017.

Recruitment of Members

Time and date of Recruitment exercises/auditions shall be published in the SIC Bulletin to inform parishioners accordingly.

At other times, interested parishioners may contact any of the Core Team members who will then assist to arrange for the required audition.

All auditions shall be conducted in the presence of the Musical Director and/or Asst. Musical Director.


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