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Updated Sunday School Calendar 2018

The SIC Sunday School Calendar for 2018 has been slightly revised. To view, click here or access it via the Sunday school webpage

Church Bulletins and Announcements


Church Bulletin

The Church Bulletin is produced weekly and contains news and announcements of up-coming events from the various church organisations and Feast Days, where relevant.

Church organisations may submit their news and announcements for inclusion in the church bulletin, in adherence to the following guidelines:

  • News/Announcements to be published in the bulletin must be submitted to the Parish Office by Tuesday to be included in the bulletin of that week.
  • BEC notices of meetings / gatherings must be concise and submitted in the following format.








Example: SS1 St Joseph Wed, DD/MM Gathering 8.30 pm John & Mary No. 1, SS2/3

03 7800 0000 / 012 345 6789 

The Parish Priest reviews and approves / rejects the news and announcements for publication. The Parish Priest also decides which news items and announcements will be given priority for publication when space is constrained.


Mass Announcements

For news, the Parish Priest will decide which items in the bulletin will be highlighted for announcement during weekend Masses.

No person will be permitted to address the congregation at all Masses except at the specific invitation of the Parish Priest. If an invitation is so granted, the speaker will be required to submit a copy of his/her presentation to the Parish Priest for his perusal.

The Parish Communication Team (PCT) will assist in any announcements requiring the use of the multimedia system available in the Church (please submit multimedia / presentation material in CD format to the Parish Office). All such announcements and projections must be approved by the Parish Priest.

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