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The SIC Church BulletinMass Intentions & NewBEC reflection for week of 16 February are now available at Bulletin webpage.

Do check out the activities and happenings planned for our parish.

BEC SS7 St Mark


Prayer Gatherings 2020

An enlightening and joyful evening for all 19 sisters and brothers-in-Christ present for our January 2020 gathering. Some takeaways: (1) Pray for the priests and each other, (2) Contribute to Food Banks for the needy, (3) Be a good example to others, (4) Bring a new member to join in every BEC meeting in future, (5) Initiate side interest groups e.g. Rosary recitals, Scripture Studies, Pilgrimages, Visits to elderly homes and orphanages, and (6) Caring for each other.

Bonding Gathering - 29 December 2019

We had a wonderful time together. It was truly a loving family gathering together with SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD. Thanks be to God.


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