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Pls note that there is no publication of the SIC Church Bulletin and Mass Intentions until further notice.

BEC SS26 St John

There are currently about 35 families in our BEC.  We were simply known as BEC SS26 for many years until 2009, when we decided to adopt the name St John (the evangelist) for a more “spiritual” feel.  As such, our slogan became “LOVE WILL LEAD THE WAY”, a theme we try to live by in all our words and actions.

Area of Coverage

All roads in SS26, Taman Mayang Jaya (i.e. from roads 3 to 21).

Main Activities

- Core Meeting among core team members and road reps (usually 2nd wed of the month)

- Prayer gathering (usually on 3rd wed of the month)

Core Team

Coordinator Patrick Lai
Asst Coordinator Stephen Ho
Secretary Dorothy Chong
Treasurer Patricia Yam
Administrator Teresa Lai

Events for the Year (2011)

- Coffee morning was held on 9 Jan


- A project to design a T-shirt for our BEC (with logo and slogan) was executed successfully.


- Outreach for Lent – we visited 50 very poor children residing at the Desa Merianti Building, Taman Medan (a place operated by the FMM Sisters). A simple lunch was bought for the children and a small donation made to Sr Laetitia who runs the place.


Past Activities:

Mar –  we sponsored the 6pm mass in SIC
Apr –  a social gathering cum lok-lok was held at the SIC canteen
Jul –  the core team made a trip to St Anne’s Church in Klang to celebrate the Feast of St Anne
Sep –  home mass cum home visits by Fr  Anthony Heng
Nov –  annual get-together cum potluck held in SIC canteen
Dec – Christmas party held at the home of one of our BEC members

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