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Registration for Weekly Eucharistic Adoration

Parishioners are invited to attend weekly 72-hour Eucharistic Adoration held from Monday to Wednesday (Sunday midnight to Wednesday midnight) in the Prayer Room. Kindly register online to commit your 60-minute time slot.

BEC SS25 St Philip Minh

BEC SS 25 was formed in 1992. In the year 2005, it was restructured to two smaller BECs, St Emmanuel and St Philip Minh. Our BEC is named after a Vietnamese saint, St Philip Minh.

Area of Coverage

Our BEC comprise families residing in Taman Mayang and Taman Megah Mas. Currently, the BEC is also assisting in new areas within close vicinity of the BEC namely Crimson Condominium. The BEC has 33 families.



Above: Outreach to Banting Rumah Pusat Jagaan Perlindung Kasih in 2018.

Core Team

Ivy Perera
012 387 3972
Assistant Coordinator
Tracey Loh
018 380 9877
Angelina Thong
012 637 7663
Thomas Lee
012 942 9456



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