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BEC SS3 St Benedict

Originally part of St Catherine BEC SS3, St Benedict BEC SS3 was formed in 2005

Area of Coverage

We are made up of 34 families residing in Jalan SS3 Jalan 2 – Jalan 26 (even numbers) in Petaling Jaya. Of these, 26 families participate on a regular basis in BEC gatherings, rosary sessions in May & October, as well as outreach and formation activities.

We have been participating in projects of PIHD ever since our formation, particularly in the feeding of the poor programme. We have also been sponsoring transport for two poor school-going children (PIHD programme) every month. There are also some from our BEC who give voluntary service to the sick, the poor and the migrants.

Core Team

Mary Biggs
Assistant Coordinator
Saro Ganesan
Elizabeth D'Cruz
Godfrey Poi
Youth Representatives
Jackie Biggs
Jessica Pushpa
Joachim Yew
Mary Pushpa

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