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Re-Opening of Bethany Counselling Centre

For appointment, please call 018 311 7847 Monday to Friday (10 am - 5 pm). Click on Bethany for more information about the centre.

BEC SS2 St Augustine

BEC SS2 was re-structured in 2007 and split into two BECs which are BEC St Faustina and our very own BEC St Augustine. To date, we have about 30 families registered, of which about 18 families are active. A few of our members attend nearby churches but participate in our BEC activities.

Main Activities

• Prayer gatherings
• Fellowship
• Lenten / Service projects
• PIHD feeding programme
• Gotong Royong
• Neighbourhood Community programmes

For major activities, we usually combine with BEC SS2 St Faustina.


Area of Coverage

SS 2/30, SS 2/32, SS 2/34, SS 2/36 to SS 2/44, SS 2/54 to SS 2/113 (inclusive of Jasmine Towers, Ameera Apartments, Five Stones and other apartments nearby)

Monthly Activities

We have our monthly BEC gathering/sharing on the third Wed of each month at 8.30 pm. Please see the bulletin for the venue and changes if any.

Programme / Events for the Year 2018 

• Rosary (May and Oct) – completed
• Stations of the Cross (in church) under candle light – completed
• Home Mass
• Wall painting – The mysteries of the rosary (ongoing)
• Gotong Royong
• Annual Christmas party (upcoming event)
• Community Carolling – 15 Dec (upcoming event)

Rosary Gathering

This is held in the months of May and October, every year. We have them at least once a week.

Stations of the Cross

We make it a point to have one at the Riverbank during the Lent season. This will be done under candle light.


We went for an outreach to the Zomi Centre. Instead of the usual cooked meals, we decided for a change and got food from Mcdonalds for them. 

Wall Mural Painting

We were in charge of painting the third Joyful mystery (The Birth of Jesus). Father then requested our members to help out with the touch up for the other murals. 

Christmas Party 

Our annual Christmas is held in December. We usually invite the children from the Homes and the East Malaysian Students to our party. Christmas gifts are then presented to the children.

Community Christmas Caroling

This is done upon request. On 15 Dec 2018, we will be singing at Puay Chai School in SS2 for the Street Carnival organised by the ADUN for SS2 residents.

Gotong Royong

Our members help out in the yearly gotong Royong. Every year about 6–10 members come for the cleaning of the church. 

Other Information

We have one communion minister available for home communion. Please call him if you need home communion.

Edward Sta Maria - 017 669 1820

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