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BEC John Paul II

jp2 logoIn line with the Parish pastoral plan to keep BECs down to between 20-30 families, BEC Tropicana was restructured into 3 BECs in 2005.  This saw the formation of BEC Tropicana John Paul II.

The coat-of-arms of our patron, Blessed John Paul II was selected as our emblem to remind us of our quest of a Christ-centred life and the special devotion to our Holy Mother.

In 2009 the BEC JP II was again restructured with the formation of Kota Damansara BEC St. Francis of Assisi, to cater for the areas in Kota Damansara.

Today, BEC JP II pastors the following areas:

• Tropicana Jalan TR2
• Casa Tropicana
• Casa Indah
• Tropicana Indah, Jalan 3/12
• Tropicana Indah, Jalan 3/17
• Tropicana Indah, Jalan 3/18

The BEC activities, events and programs are coordinated by a core team of members elected bi-annually.

Core Team – 2014 & 2015
Jennifer Heng
012 2026515
Asst. Coordinator
Jennifer Appukuttan
012 2338098
Francis Chong
012 3661223
Asst. Secretary/Newsletter
Francis Wen
012 3813319
Peter Loh
012 2063031
Asst. Treasurer
Joy Appukuttan
012 2978098
Pam Hendroff
012 3985482
Asst. Liturgy
Fiona Thomas
016 3629194
Family Life
Michael Lip
019 2225660
Asst. Family Life
Jean Lip
012 3553913
Richard Heng
012 2776603
Asst. Social
Peter CK Loh
012 3229295
Ivy Tan
016 2804606
Asst. Music
Sylvia Wen
012 2981018
Sophie Tan
012 9202601
Road Messengers:
Jln. 3/17
Anna & Gary Ng
019 2205251
Joy Appukuttan
012 2978098
Casa Tropicana
Avito Makajil
012 8383312
Jln. 3/18
Alice & Joseph Chan
012 2002703
Casa Indah
Shirley Sze Tho
016 3238107

Monthly Activities

• The Core Team Meetings are scheduled on the second Friday of every month.
• The BEC Gatherings are scheduled on the third Friday of every month.
• There are other activities which are carried out throughout the year that include family & social programs, formations, prayer sessions and corporal works of mercy.

Programme for 2012 

1 Jan

Visit Carmelite Convent, Seremban

4 Feb

Chinese New Year Gathering


Visit Home of “less fortunate”


Way of the Cross at BEC member’s home


Easter Party


BEC family outing

Jul / Aug

SIC Cafeteria Morning

May & Oct

BEC rosary sessions


PIHD feeding programme


Carolling at BEC Area

 For more details of our programs/events/activities please log on to our website:

Other Activities

We have carried our several activities to raise funds for needy causes.

• We undertake Coffee Morning on a Sunday at the parish annually and the proceeds are donated back to the Church such as towards the PIHD programs.
• Recently we raised funds to assists the Carmelite Monastery, Nakhonswan Thailand. To rebuild their home. The monastery had been severely damaged by floods.
• Donations in cash and kind was also raised from amongst members and donated to a home run by Selangor Family Aid Association.

We also played hosts to 6 Capuchin (OFM Cap) friars from Thailand during Christmas. These friars were hosted by families in the BEC and they shared their prayer life with the families.

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