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Altar Society

About the Altar Society

The Altar Society was founded at the request of the then-Parish priest Rev Fr Joseph Chang and Rev Fr Lucas Ng around 1990.

Most of the members have little or no experience in floral arrangements, but share a common passion; to make the House of God a beautiful and conducive environment for all to worship.

Some of the early members took up floral arrangement classes at their own expense. Later, some classes were subsidized by the Society.

Initially, the Altar Society raised funds for the purchase of necessary equipment (e.g. stands) and materials (flowers), through holding coffee morning and a second collection once a year.

In order to become self-sufficient, they ventured into arranging flowers for weddings and other special occasions in the parish. Excess funds generated from the society’s activities are contributed to the church every 6 months.

To date, the Altar Society numbers some 15 members.


Meetings & Primary Actvities of the Society

Meetings are held every 3 months to arrange the duty roster and discuss upcoming events in church. Elections are held every 2 years to elect the core team.

The primary activities carried out by the Society are:

  • Weekly floral arrangements (Friday/Saturday).
  • Floral Arrangements for special liturgical celebrations.
  • Floral arrangement for special occassions (i.e. weddings). Wedding floral arrangement charges are detailed in the Floral Arrangement Form.
  • Assist Liturgy Committee in organizing Feast Day celebrations.
  • Annual get-together and fellowship


Contributing to the Society

There are two ways parishioners may contribute to the Altar Society:

  1. Membership: Parishioners with time to spare on Fridays and Saturdays and an interest in arranging flowers, please come join us. In-house training will be provided.
  2. Donations:
    • Cash/cheques may be forwarded to the Parish Office or the members of the Society. A note indicating the intended date for the flowers may be included, if any.
    • For donations of flowers, especially for special occasions e.g. Holy Thursday, Easter and Christmas, please contact the Chairperson / Vice Chairperson one week before the intended date to avoid having too many flowers.
Coordinator: Mary Evelyn
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